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The 41 Benefits of Steam Bathing

Steam has been used throughout history for a broad range of tasks. Whether it’s to power machines, cook food or clean surfaces, we have discovered powerful benefits of using steam in our everyday life.

For many cultures, steaming has been embraced as a social ritual to relax and connect with others. But people quickly realized that the benefits of steam bathing extend beyond rest and relaxation. In fact, it may enhance your health in a number of ways, including promoting improved circulation, decreased stress and clearer skin, and many others.

And thanks to modern technology, you can now experience the benefits of steam bathing without visiting a spa or gym. Residential steam showers, like the state-of-the-art steam shower systems manufactured by MrSteam, give you a spa-like experience without leaving the comfort of your home.

41 Benefits of Steam Bathing

We’ve listed 41 benefits associated with steam bathing below to help you identify specific ways it can help improve your health.


  1. May improve breathing; opens up nasal passages related to symptoms of allergies.
  2. May improve breathing; opens up nasal passages related to symptoms of viruses.
  3. Hot mist may help to promote sinus drainage.
  4. Hot mist may help to loosen bronchial secretions.
  5. May provide temporary relief of asthma-type symptoms.
  6. Hot mist soothes the throat.
  7. May act as a natural expectorant.


  1. Cleanses the skin.
  2. May relieve acne like conditions.
  3. Opens up pores.
  4. Lubricates the skin.
  5. Hydrates dry skin.
  6. Rejuvenates.
  7. Leaves skin with healthy glow.
  8. Makes shaving in a steam shower easier.
  9. Prepares the skin follicles for easier waxing.


  1. Promotes increase in blood circulation.
  2. May boost metabolism.
  3. May help to reinvigorate tired muscles.
  4. Has been shown to remove lactic acid from overworked muscles.
  5. May increase muscular flexibility (great for stretching).
  6. On average, has been shown to burn 150 calories in a minute session at 114°F.

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  1. Helps relieve stress.
  2. Encourages relaxation.
  3. May help promote deep, restful sleep.
  4. Fosters a sense of well-being.
  5. May help increase the length of REM cycles during sleep.
  6. Combining Steam and AromaTherapy® (Lavender) may help promote soothing relief from stress and tension.
  7. Combining Steam and MusicTherapy® may help manage stress.
  8. Combining Steam and ChromaTherapy® may enhance your mood elevation.


  1. Supports the removal of toxins from the body.
  2. Has been shown to help the body rid itself of excess sodium.
  3. May help relieve the pain & discomfort of arthritis.
  4. Has been shown to promote the reduction of metabolic waste products in the body.


  1. Uses less than 2 gallons of water for a 1/2-hour steam bath.
  2. Costs cents to operate.
  3. May increase equity and resale value of the home.
  4. Saves energy by following steam shower with a cold shower.
  5. Can simply be added to an existing shower. Does not require a separate area or room in order to be used.
  6. Great way to de-wrinkle clothes.
  7. Adds humidity to your orchids.


The list isn’t exhaustive, but it gives you a good idea of how steam bathing can potentially have a positive effect on your health and wellness. If you’re an at-home steamer, we’d love to hear from you. What would you add to this list??


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Note: This article was originally published in 2015 and has been updated to reflect new research and findings.  

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