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What Are the Benefits of a Home Steam Shower?

While it may sound like an extravagance, a steam shower in the home is an important part of a healthy wellness routine. Used for centuries to naturally detoxify the body, open pores, and support optimal breathing, steam bathing also served as a way to socialize in Ancient Greece and Rome. 

Through the ages, steam baths were both elaborately built and simply constructed. Native American sweat lodges were made of natural materials and used during purification ceremonies. To take advantage of natural steam, the Japanese built bath houses directly on top of mineral springs. In some cases, herbs like bay laurel and lavender, and minerals like magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt) were added to boost steam's therapeutic effects.   

In the 21st century, we now have the option of a luxurious steam shower right in our homes. The ability to set aside the cares of the day and experience an utter sense of relaxation without having to go to the gym or a public spa can give us a nearly mystical connection with our inner selves.  

Learn more about the benefits of steam bathing... Download the full list here.

Steam for a Healthy Lifestyle 

Even in hot and humid climates, steam should be a part of a healthy wellness lifestyle. While airborne humidity is saturated with impurities and toxins, a steam shower is a closed environment, so it can help maintain wellness in any geographic region. Steam also helps to help ease jet lag, promote healthy sleep habits, support muscle recovery after workouts, maintain a year-round dewy glow, and bring new life to stressed, dry hair. 

These top 20 blogs will help you see why a home steam shower is not merely a luxury, but a necessary addition to a healthy lifestyle. 

Five Reasons Why Your Home Needs a Steam Shower


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Create a Wellness Retreat at Home 

They say there’s nothing new under the sun, and the ancients knew the secret to steam therapy. Today, many have recognized steam as a powerful wellness modality with numerous physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. To bring the power of steam to your home, visit our Virtual Spa to customize a luxurious wellness sanctuary.  

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