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10 Natural Ways to Maintain a Summer Glow Year-Round

SHINE ON! Maintain a youthful radiance with these natural skincare tips.

The hot weather months are when we expose our skin to the world and, unfortunately, dangerous elements and environmental toxins. While the sun’s UV rays can give our skin a healthy glow, the same sunlight can create lasting damage and even serious disease.  

They say beauty is skin deep, but inner beauty—in fact, our entire wellbeing—depends on healthy skin. Natural glowing skin doesn’t just look good, it’s a sign of vitality and wellness.

Many people are surprised when they learn that skin is the largest organ in the human body. It’s made up of three main layers that act as a microbiome that's part of the body’s immune system. It’s no coincidence that many diseases that occur inside our bodies affect our skin integrity (e.g., liver disease causing jaundice). This is a good thing since it helps physicians gauge our overall health profile by simply looking at our skin pallor.   

The vast amount of helpful microorganisms in our skin needs to be protected as much as possible. Still, we tend to think of skin as a superficial covering rather than a biological system that needs careful maintenance and protection. And we’re willing to pay a lot to keep our skin clear and radiant. According to U.S. Census data and Simmons National Consumer Survey, 1.6 million Americans spent $500 or more on skincare products last year.        

There are good reasons for that. Our skin is continually assaulted by harmful airborne elements and our own bad lifestyle habits, such as a poor diet, inadequate sleep and lack of stress management. And, as noted above, the summer months can be especially tough on the skin. During summer, your skin is exposed to sun, chlorine, saltwater and other potential harm. Even the type of sunscreen you use that’s designed to protect your skin from sunburn, or worse, may have chemicals that can be harsh on your skin.

Then there’s the everyday damage from common habits such as pressing a dirty smartphone to your face. This all may lead to premature aging, which can cause wrinkles, age spots and loss of skin elasticity—contributing to a sallow, dull skin tone.

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Your skin can’t win. While moisteners, creams, facials, and chemical-free cleansers may help clear skin of toxins and pollutants that clog pores, you need an aggressive natural skincare strategy. With that in mind, here are 10 home remedies to help you maintain a healthy glow all year.


  1. Drink water. Yes, this is basic health maintenance, but you’d be surprised how few people drink an adequate amount of water per day. Experts say you should drink between half an ounce and one ounce of water for each pound of bodyweight. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, that means you’d drink 75-150 oz per day. As an organ, your skin is made up of cells, and cells carry an abundance of water. By remaining well hydrated throughout the day, you’ll help flush out harmful irritants and bacteria that can damage the skin.

  2. Eat less sugar and more protein. In her book Feed Your Face, dermatologist Jessica Yu, MD, says that many skin eruptions are caused by high blood sugar, so cut down on the sweet stuff. Also, you need enough protein to supply the amino acids necessary to produce collagen, which strengthens skin.

  3. Try natural facial exfoliants. Celebrity skincare guru Scott-Vincent Borba recommends several natural skin treatments. Here’s one: Make a paste of two parts cinnamon powder and one part honey. Leave it on your skin for as long as you can. Rinse off with warm water.

  4. Use tea tree oil. Known for its purifying and antibacterial components, this natural skin treatment has been used for years to combat acne and blemishes. An Australian study discovered that tea tree oil was as effective as benzoyl peroxide, a common chemical treatment for acne, making tea tree oil a great natural alternative. Try a solution with 5% tea tree oil.

  5. Use grapefruit, orange and lemon (vitamin C). Citrus face masks using these nutritious fruits have been found to help smooth wrinkles and balance skin tone. Some research has found that citrus peels may aid skin health. What powers this treatment is the high amount of antioxidant-rich vitamin C in these fruits. Of course, it’s also a good idea to get enough vitamin C in your diet and not just use it as a topical.

  6. Splash on rose water. Skincare experts tout the ability of rose water’s effects as an antibacterial and for its ability to help maintain skin’s pH balance. Rose water may also help remove oily residue that can clog pores that lead to acne and other blemishes.  

  7. Go beyond the face: treat the body, feet and hands. Except for when we’re sun tanning, we often think of skin treatment as a face-only process. The truth is, you should also apply skin treatments to your torso and limbs. For instance, our feet have the largest pores on the body, so rub some of your healing creams and cleansers on the soles of your feet. One idea: Try an essential oil by blending pure frankincense with your favorite cream or rosehip oil, then rub it on the bottom of your feet.

  8. Use turmeric. Powered by the active ingredient curcumin, turmeric is popular as a dietary nutrient, but this versatile spice has become a go-to topical skin treatment for some of the most famous faces in Hollywood. According to Hello Magazine, Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley swears by her homemade turmeric face mask for keeping her skin looking Jedi smooth. And glamorous actresses Thandie Newton and Priyanka Chopra also tout turmeric’s ability to help keep their skin camera-ready.

  9. Green tea. Potent polyphenols in green tea, including EGCG, have been found to have powerful effects on skin health. According to research in JAMA Dermatology, “The outcome of the several experimental studies suggests that green tea possesses anti-inflammatory and anticarcinogenic potential, which can be exploited against a variety of skin disorders.”

  10. Steam therapy. The effects of steam baths and steam showers may help keep skin healthy looking and radiant after just a few sessions. Steam therapy may enhance your body’s natural defenses through a number of different mechanisms to potentially help you maintain a healthy radiant glow all year.

Below are a few reasons why steam rooms can be a great natural treatment for healthy skin.


Steam may help nourish and flush skin cells. It’s logical that the heat of a steam room will increase the body’s sweat response, which helps flush bacteria and other toxins from the skin. But steam’s effects may go much further than surface cleansing. The outer epidermis tends to collect dry skin cells that act as a protective barrier against harmful irritants and pollutants. However, if this layer of protective tissue isn’t hydrated on a regular basis, it can lead to damaged and cracked skin. Research shows that steam sessions may provide the necessary moisture to keep this critical layer of skin hydrated to protect it from excessive dryness.

Steam may help increase skin circulation. The hyperthermic effect of steam room sessions increases “epidural blood perfusion” in the epidermis. This carries healing nutrients to the skin microbiome, which may help strengthen the immune response.   

Steam may help maintain healthy skin pH. Sessions in a steam room may help boost pH balance by supplying essential amino acids produced in the skin’s sebaceous glands. Other experts tout steam’s ability to rebalance overactive sebum glands that cause acne and other skin disorders.

Steam may help reduce feelings of stress and promote restful sleep. A high-stress lifestyle and inadequate sleep can take a toll on your skin’s luster. But regular sessions in a steam shower may help to reduce feelings of  stress and act as a natural sleep aid. Steam’s ability to provide surface relaxation from the soothing heat (especially when combined with music therapy or aromatherapy) is augmented by the benefits of hyperthermia. Heat therapy may increase levels of the neurochemical serotonin, the feel-good hormone, according to research. Hyperthermia may also help increase the hormone aldosterone, which may help enhance relaxation and lower hypertension. And another study found that increasing body temperature helped enhance quality of sleep and “quickness of falling asleep” for subjects.


Daily use of a steam room can help you dislodge and flush away the impurities that will surely find a way to attach to your exposed skin this summer. A simple 15-minute break in a steam shower may help lower stress, nourish your skin and keep you shimmering with radiance and vitality far beyond the hot weather months.

Steam may also help you diminish the wrinkles and discoloration that come with aging and exposure to environmental toxins. With steam therapy, you can glow at any age.

Many Americans are finding that converting that extra bathroom into a steam bath is much more affordable than they think. Find how easy it is to get the benefits of steam therapy into your life by checking out MrSteam’s case studies, or by visiting a dealer showroom for a more hands-on experience.

Radiant skin isn’t just a matter of looking good. It’s part of a successful wellness lifestyle. Get your glow on by enjoying a steam room today.

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