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How To Naturally Remove Toxins From Skin

Your skin is your largest organ, and it’s crucial to take good care of it. That means keeping your body toxin-free.  

If trends are any indicator, more and more people recognize this.  

Just look at the rise in the skincare market. After taking a dip due to COVID-19, the market is projected to grow from $100.13 billion in 2021 to $145.82 billion in 2028.  

But what is a consistently effective way to shed toxins? 

Exercise is a great start, but regular sweating won’t clear your skin the way you’d like. 

That’s why so many are turning to steam therapy

Why does Steam Remove Toxins From the Skin? 

Steam showers use heat, and we all know what happens when our body temperature rises above normal.   

That’s right, we sweat.  

Sweating opens up your skin pores and can push out heavy metals and BPA plastic. These are toxins you don’t want in your body. 

Nonetheless, saunas also use heat.  

So why pick steam showers over saunas?   

Well, the keyword here is “humidity.” 

The moisture from steaming helps rinse toxins and dead skin cells from the top of the skin.  

Clear skin

In addition, when you steam your whole body, your capillaries dilate. That can improve your lymphatic circulation.  

The lymph is a fluid that filters toxin-carrying abnormal cells and bacteria out of your blood.  

An effective lymphatic system also regulates blood pressure and maintains fluid balance in your bloodstream. This means that steaming may help improve the quality of your blood circulatory system. 

Toxin-Releasing Effects of Steam Therapy 

What does it mean to say that steam may let you you shed toxins? Some practical implications help explain the popularity of steam showers. A steam shower means:

1. Minimizing Acne 

A bloodstream filled with toxins reduces the effectiveness of your circulatory system. Poor blood circulation affects the body’s waste removal system, increasing the risk of skin inflammations and acne breakouts.  

Detoxing through steaming means your circulatory system is in good condition, and you may avoid these related skin conditions.    


Similarly, as moisture from steaming rinses off expunged dirt from your skin, you may reduce the recurrence of acne, blackheads, and inflammations.

2. Reducing Stress-Related Skin Conditions

When stressed, your nervous system releases a hormone called cortisol into the body.  

High levels of cortisol production result in metabolic acidosis, damaging your lymphatic tissues. An impeded lymphatic system means toxins get into your bloodstream, affecting your skin. 

What does steaming do here?  

Steaming may increase “feel-good” hormones like endorphins in your body to reduce stress levels. It may directly act on the amount of cortisol working in your body.  

When you steam regularly, your lymphatic system’s risks of metabolic acidosis may become significantly reduced. 

3. Removing Wrinkles

While steaming will not altogether remove wrinkles, it may help reduce them by supplying collagen through improved blood circulation. 

Cleaner blood caused by improved lymphatic flow means your body can make high-quality collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are the main proteins responsible for strong connective tissue bonds. Wrinkles are a direct effect of reduced collagen and elastin production. 

The Surprising Anti-Aging Secret Weapon

Steaming may fight against wrinkles and allows your skin to appear firmer and younger.

4. Boosting Your Complexion

Steaming can help you achieve a radiant complexion and improve the overall appearance of your skin. 

Expanding your pores with steaming may make your skin softer and allow you to expunge blackheads easily. Combining the removal of dirt with improved blood circulation to the skin helps you achieve a smoother and more even skin tone. 

5. Soothing Dry Skin 

The improved circulation of cleaner fluids in the skin also helps with dryness. Steaming keeps oil production at healthy levels when your blood is free from toxins, naturally ensuring that your skin gets the right amount of moisturizing fluids. 

Additionally, serums and moisturizers become increasingly effective when applied to open pores caused by steaming.  

That means your skin absorbs skincare products better. 


Steam Showers as a Treatment for Toxin-Laced Skin 

Steaming has been an easy, natural, and effective method of improving skin for thousands of years. It does this by removing toxins through improved fluid circulatory systems in your body.  

Whether for your face or the entire body, steaming makes your skin firmer, improves your complexion, and healthily moisturizes your skin. 

But are steam showers worth the cost?  

The answer is “yes,” regardless of your price range. According to Zillow, the resale value of a home increases by up to 30% when a steam shower is installed.  

For those looking for affordable models, an entire steam shower system can cost as little as $1,575 plus installation. 

Not sure which steam shower system is suitable for your home? Just enter your shower’s dimensions into the VirtualSpa sizing tool, select any accessories, and you’ll instantly have a custom quote for your own steam shower. 

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