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Buying a Steam Generator? Look For These 13 Features!

eSeries Generator InteriorYou've made the decision to have a steam room in your home. Next is buying a steam generator.

When you buy a steam generator, it's really important to choose the right one in the right size so you have the best possible steam experience. That way, you can relax assured that your steam generator isn't wasting resources creating steam for your steam bath, and you won't waste time waiting for your steam shower. 

Size matters. You see, the size of your steam shower enclosure as well as the materials your steam shower was built with matter when selecting a steam generator.

  • The dimensions of your bathroom affect your choice of a home steam shower generator. These include how high the ceiling is, as well as the width and length of your shower enclosure (in other words, you need to find out the volume of the space). You want a steam generator to fill the volume of the enclosure with steam. Too small a generator, and you'll barely get enough steam to steam your pinky. Too large, and you'll have too much steam. 
  • The materials that your shower enclosure was built with affect the steam generator you buy. Steam reacts to the walls, ceiling and the ambient temperature of your bathroom. If your steam enclosure is made from a non-porous material such as fiberglass, acrylic or other formed plastic, you can probably opt for a smaller steam generator. On the other hand, porous materials (natural stone, marble, concrete, etc.) will require a larger steam generator.

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Look for these 13 features when buying a steam generator!

Given the company's tremendous experience with steam and steam showers (see The History of Steam and Steam Showers in New York City), Mr.Steam recommends that you look for the following 13 features in a steam generator:

Disclaimer - all Mr.Steam steam generators come with these features.

1. Make sure that your steam generator features stainless steel inside and out for long life.

2. We recommend a compact size for your steam generator for ease and flexibility of installation. (This is what makes Mr.Steam so perfect for small bathrooms! See Yes, You Can Have a Steam Shower in a Small Bathroom.) 

3. Precision connectors for easy plug-and-play installation of multiple steam generator features (example: AutoFlush. See Why Bother with Steam Shower AutoFlush Technology?) 

4. A microprocessor-controlled water monitoring and delivery system

5. Self-diagnostic LED indicators on the steam generator for hassle-free, smooth steam operation

6. Unique seven-second electronic steam generator shut-off safety feature

7. Steam generator with anti-hammer, low voltage water Solenoid valves for a quiet, safe steam shower

8. A 24-volt transformer for safety and protection

9. A standard ½” full port ball valve for ease of service

10. Exclusive Express Steam® factory-installed steam generator option that maintains water temperature to start steaming more quickly

11. Easy installation and service of your steam generator

12. Eco-friendly, incorporating recycled materials. Furthermore, the steam generators themselves can be recycled!

13. UL listed in the US and Canada, allowing you to relax and buy a steam generator with confidence

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If all of this sounds complicated, have no fear!  Mr. Steam is the only steam generator manufacturer to make sizing both simple AND precise with a free steam shower sizing app available for designers, remodelers and installers. Answer a few questions, and your bathroom remodeling professional can be assured that you won’t be wasting power—or experiencing an unsatisfying steam. Making sure your professional uses Mr. Steam is the key to receiving the relaxing steam that you’ve always wanted.

Let us know if you have any questions about buying a steam generator for your home steam shower! 

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