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5 Tips For Buying a Steam Room Generator

Are you considering a steam shower as part of your bathroom remodeling project? If yes, you may want help choosing the steam room generator, aka the brains behind the steam operation. In this article, we outline 5 tips on what to consider when buying a steam room generator.

1. Where will you place the steam room generator?

Steam room generators are smaller than many people expect. They are often surprised to learn that a steam room generator can be about the size of a briefcase. Mr. Steam generators fit neatly inside a closet, under a bench or even in a vanity. They can be positioned up to 60 feet from the steam shower enclosure itself, even on another floor. This versatility offers you many options for placing the steam room generator. Be sure to consider that location up front.

2. Intelligence in a steam room generator matters.

Yes, we're serious. “Intelligent” steam generators operate from a single platform that can be easily expanded without bulky add-ons for sound, aroma or color therapies. We refer to it as plug-and-play technology.

Go ahead and dream big, and look for a steam room generator which can intelligently expand in support of your quest for steam therapy. And, by the way, intelligence applies to maintenance of your steam generator, too! (See Why Bother with Steam Shower AutoFlush Technology?)

3. Intelligence makes for easy steam room generator installation.

That same intelligent plug-and-play technology for adding upgrades makes for easy installation. That in turn means that the bathroom remodeling process is more pleasant. What's not to like? Your installers can work quickly and easily with an intelligent steam generator system. 

4. Certification matters in a steam room generator

Be on the lookout for certification by a respected, independent agency such as Underwriters Laboratories® (UL), CE and NOM (Norma Oficial Mexicana) when you consider steam room generators.

5. What about servicing your steam room generator?

What if your steam generator needs servicing? Find out whether the unit will need to be replaced entirely, or if the heating elements of the steam generator can be serviced separately - which is a better solution. Be sure, too, to ask about system diagnostics on the steam generator. As with any investment for your home, durability in a steam generator counts.

What about Mr. Steam steam room generators?

Mr. Steam steam generators use industrial-grade components for reliable performance through years of use in demanding water conditions. You see, Mr. Steam has an intense track record when it comes to steam generators that last. Our parent company, Sussman Automatic Corporation, has a long history in steam, designing commercial-grade boilers for clean rooms, operating rooms, and even microbreweries. (See The History of Steam and Steam Showers in New York City.)

For additional information, read How to Size a Steam Shower Generator? Try Our Virtual Spa System or, simply visit a showroom with a working steam shower and ask your showroom consultant to take you 'under the hood' to see for yourself a steam room generator in action.

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