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How to Size a Steam Shower Generator? Try Our Virtual Spa System

Ever wondered how to size a steam shower generator? 

It's an important question. Like Goldilocks’ disappointment with mismatched housewares, homeowners purchasing a home steam shower can be similarly dismayed if the steam shower generator is sized too small or too big.

The former fails to satisfy, while the latter needlessly wastes energy.

So how to get things… “just right?”

The most critical consideration is to make certain to include materials, as well as dimensions, in your generator-sizing calculations.

Why do materials - as well as dimensions - affect Steam Shower Generator Size?

The reason for including materials is that the type of building materials used to construct your steam shower can have a profound effect on its performance and, ultimately, your satisfaction.

As hot steam enters a steam shower, it reacts with a room’s walls, ceiling, and ambient temperature, resulting in a thick, foggy, rejuvenating steam. Much like a sponge, room materials can absorb steam, and if the steam shower generator is too small, it will yield only cool mist, rather than relaxing heat.

It is for this very reason that factors such as building materials, lofty ceiling heights (over 96"), and personal preferences must be considered along with steam shower volume (width x length x height) when selecting a properly sized steam generator.

For example, if your steam enclosure is constructed from a non-porous material, such as acrylic, fiberglass or some other formed plastic, you likely will require a smaller generator than suggested by standard sizing guidelines, which are typically based on ceramic tile. Likewise, use of porous materials, such as natural stone, marble, concrete, and glass block can dramatically increase the size of the generator required.

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To Size a Steam Shower Generator, Try Mr. Steam's Virtual Spa System!

Mr. Steam considers how to size a steam shower generator so important that we've developed the Virtual Spa System. It offers website visitors a streamlined step-by-step process guide through sizing a generator, selecting controls, and adding on luxury options like ChromaTherapy or AromaTherapy, all in five simple steps.

You are assisted in selecting the correct generator for your steam shower by entering shower dimensions as well as materials - as we explained above. You'll find choices of natural stone, ceramic or porcelain tile, as well as acrylic, fiberglass, or other composite materials. 

Next, the Virtual Spa System allows you to select options for steam shower controls, spa therapy and accessory packages, and steam shower enhancements like a teak shower seat or a towel warmer.

As you add items to your steam shower, you'll notice that the virtual spa image updates instantly! At every step, you can view complete product details and technical specifications with one click of the mouse - so you learn as you experiment with different options.

You can learn more about the Mr. Steam Virtual Spa System by reading Create the Perfect Home Steam Shower in Five Easy Steps with the Enhanced Virtual Spa System from Mr. Steam (including how the system helps you budget for a steam shower and documents all of the final steam shower selections.)

As you figure out how to size a steam shower generator, we hope you'll explore Mr. Steam's Virtual Spa System. Let us know what you think and whether you have questions.

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