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Welcome to the Steam Cave: An Interview with JJ Yosh

JJ Yosh is a multifaceted outdoor adventure enthusiast, TV host, and social media influencer passionate about nature and exploration. Based in Colorado, JJ is known for his thrilling expeditions, including rock climbing, mountaineering, and backcountry skiing. 

Aside from his adventures, JJ is also a dedicated advocate for environmental conservation and sustainability. He frequently uses his platform to spread awareness about preserving the planet and encourages his followers to adopt eco-friendly practices. 

One such eco-friendly practice is JJ’s use of a steam shower. While a 20-minute shower uses 50 gallons of water, 20 minutes of relaxation in a steam shower uses only 2.5 gallons. 

We sat down JJ Yosh to get a sense of how steam showers fit into his lifestyle. 


Interviewer: So, how did you first discover the benefits of steam showers for your mental and physical wellness? 

JJ Yosh: I discovered steam showers at my friend’s cabin in Estes Park in Colorado, and that was about four years ago. I was blown away by the steam shower and knew I had to get one for my house. So, I told my contractor to build me a steam shower which ended up turning into a Steam Cave. And that was that.  

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Interviewer: I noticed that you’ve got a pretty nice hot tub. What are the advantages of a steam shower versus a hot tub? 

JJ Yosh: I think hot tubs and steam showers are very different. Steam showers help to clear your nose and help you breathe. As someone living in Colorado, I have to deal with how dry it is in the mountains. You have literally no humidity, so having a steam shower allows you to breathe again. It also really helps moisturize your nasal cavity. You just breathe better because it is tough to breathe up in this higher altitude with such dry weather.  

A steam shower not only helps you to breathe but also helps your skin and pores. I feel much more cleansed when I get out of the steam shower. It feels like the toxins in my body have drained out, and my skin feels softer. I don’t necessarily feel that with the hot tub. So, it’s just a very, very different experience. 


Interviewer: Do you incorporate steam showers into your physical activity before or after a hike? 

JJ Yosh: I would say that I incorporate steam showers more so after my physical activity. I’ll use the steam shower on the weekends after a really long run. On the weekdays, I’ll use a steam shower more for getting up. It’s how I started my day today. But the weekends are when I do my intense training, and afterward, I’ll use the steam shower. 

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Interviewer: I must ask, has [your cat] Simon ever tried the steam shower? 

JJ Yosh: Yeah. So, I’ve definitely had Simon in there. He’s curious. Like when I’m going in there, and I’m going to do a steam session. He’s interested in what I’m doing but wants to get out as soon as the steam starts going. He was in the steam shower a couple of times, but he’ll stay at the very bottom where it’s not steamy. So, I wouldn’t say he loves that. 

Interviewer: Do you have any tips or recommendations for someone who’s only heard about steam showers? 

JJ Yosh: My advice for someone curious about a steam shower is to get one. Of course, I built a whole place for it, but you could integrate one in your current shower. I know Mr. Steam has smaller units for that purpose 

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So, if it’s something that somebody is looking for, send them my way. I can talk their ear off with just so many benefits. It’s a crucial part of my lifestyle. If you ever get sick, you just go in a steam shower, which will really help speed up your recovery during an illness. The symptoms of the few illnesses I’ve gotten were lessened with a steam shower, especially colds. A steam shower will help with decongestion and help you breathe again. So, it’s great if you’re having a fever or chills. It’s going to help you really warm up. There are so many benefits that in terms of advice, I can just give lists of tips or benefits of having a steam shower. 


Interviewer: Did you get any add-ons? Like AromaTherapy, MusicTherapy, or ChromaTherapy? 

JJ Yosh: Yes, I did get add-ons for my Mr. Steam unit. I have AromaTherapy, which is absolutely a must that provides this amazing Alpine forest fragrance that just takes you to a whole other world. 

I also got ChromaTherapy and MusicTherapy as well.  

If you’re going to be in a steam room, you’ve got to be teleported to another world. And what better place to do that than having enrapturing ethereal music playing? And there are just a lot of features with the Mr. Steam unit because you can turn it on and off from your phone. 

So, let’s say you’re outside in the hot tub, and you want to have the Mr. Steam unit turn on. Because it usually takes about 6 to 8 minutes before it starts steaming, you can just start it on your phone, and then, by the time you get out of the hot tub, the steam shower is ready.  

There’s a lot of great features like this cool digital interface that you can use with your fingers to adjust the settings, heat temperature, the amount of time you’re in there, AromaTherapy, turning it on and off, and the music.  

There are just a lot of features. 


As an outdoor adventure enthusiast, JJ has experienced first-hand the positive impact that steam showers can have on both physical recovery and mental well-being. From respiratory health improvements to skincare and relaxation, steam showers may offer a versatile and highly beneficial experience that complements an active lifestyle. 

With various customization options, including AromaTherapy, MusicTherapy, and ChromaTherapy, individuals can tailor their steam shower experience to their personal preferences, making it an essential addition to their self-care routine. 

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