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Shred and Steam: 6 Key Reasons Gyms Install Steam Rooms

What do Equinox, 24-Hour Fitness, and YMCA have in common? These fitness centers' most popular locations in the US have steam rooms supplied by Mr. Steam.  

There is a reason many popular fitness centers install steam rooms within the facilities. Besides the wellness benefits they offer, steam rooms can help you create a competitive advantage for your business.  

Despite appearing similar, steam showers are a better investment for gyms compared to saunas. Below, we'll compare steam rooms versus saunas and provide the top six reasons gyms install steam showers. 

Steam Room Vs. Sauna 

The main differences between a steam room and a sauna lie in the humidity and temperature levels. A sauna uses dry heat from a closed stove or hot rocks, while steam showers are heated by a generator filled with boiling water.  

While a sauna can help your patrons relax and loosen their muscles, it won't have the same wellness benefits as a steam shower in an enclosed space. For example: 

  • A steam room's moist environment keeps the skin constantly perspiring to minimize the chances of sweat and toxins drying on the skin.  
  • A steam room may soothe respiratory ailments, open airways, and help with congestion 
  • Steam rooms don't have the same risk for dehydration as saunas with their dry heat.

The wellness benefits of directly boiling water vs. heating it over hot rocks make a steam room a preferable choice over saunas for most applications. 

Why Install a Steam Room in Your Gym? 

You don't have to believe in holistic healthcare to benefit from installing a steam room in your gym. Business-wise, there are six fundamental reasons to build a steam room:

1. Gain a Competitive Advantage

Are you looking to stand out from competitor local gyms? Better amenities are an effective way to differentiate yourself from the many gyms in your locale. A steam room in your gym means easily surpassing local gyms that only compete in terms of workout equipment.  

Gym patrons prefer facilities with seemingly exotic amenities under the same roof. With a steam room, your gym becomes the place to go, especially for younger, athletic patrons.

2. Create A Community

People love interacting and bonding over experiences. What better way to increase interaction than a steam room? Socializing in steam rooms can create a community of friends and improve the overall gym experience. When you build a community in your gym, you cement your member's loyalties in a way that ordinary showers cannot. 

3. Make Your Gym Addictive

There is a well-known correlation between exercising and the release of endorphins and serotonin, the "happy hormone." A steam room can be the perfect finish after a long workout for your patrons.  

Sessions in the steam room may boost a runner's speed and endurance. This perfect combination of activities in your facility may increase endorphin and serotonin production in members' bodies.


4. Push Workouts to the Maximum

Steam helps to loosen joints and increase flexibility, similar to a pre-workout warm-up. According to a 2013 study, applying heat to joints can reduce the force required to move the joint by up to 25% compared to cold application.  

There are other ways a steam room can benefit your members' workouts. Using a steam room may: 

  • Increase breathing and lung capacity 
  • Help in muscle recovery, growth, and recovery  
  • Improve your aerobic performance 
  • Aid in body weight management
  • Open your pores to clear toxins from your system. 

5. Physical Therapists Recommend Steam Rooms

Physical therapists recommend steam therapy since the heat from steam can soothe nerve endings and warm up the muscles, helping to release stress-causing tension. Taking steam showers is a fantastic way to release body tension, regardless of how the stress manifests itself. A roughly 20-minute session can help your patrons achieve the maximum steam shower benefits. 

6. Increase Patron Wellness

Steam rooms may help optimize your general wellness in several ways. For instance, your patrons may benefit from the following: 

  • Cleared up sinuses. A steam shower may help one feel better if they feel stuffed up. The heat can help reduce congestion and clear up sinuses. 
  • Body detoxing. The heat from the steam may help open up pores and eliminate impurities.  
  • Cardiovascular circulation. A heated steam room may cause an increase in pulse and blood circulation, thus stabilizing blood pressure. This process may increase nutrient and oxygen intake in their neurons.  

Your patrons may experience a significant increase in their general health and wellness. This, in turn, could make them more loyal to your facility.  

How Much Does a Commercial Steam Room Cost? 

The cost of installing a commercial steam room will depend on how large the steam shower is and the material used. 

To get an accurate estimate of the cost of a commercial steam room, you need to measure the interior dimensions of the steam room. Enter your measurements into Mr. Steam's calculator halfway down the page. This will give an estimate of the cost of your commercial steam room. 

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