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How to Estimate the Price of Installing a Steam Shower in Your Home

A common misconception about steam showers is that they are luxury items only affordable to the wealthy. The reality is that the cost to install a steam shower is much lower than a complete bathroom remodel.  

For example, if you have a smaller-sized shower with walls made of ceramic tile, porcelain, or other non-porous materials, a whole steam shower system can be yours for as little as $1,550 plus installation costs.  

If your shower at home is larger than 3'x3'x7' or has walls made of porous materials, you will need a larger steam generator. A larger generator may mean the installation costs are higher. You can estimate the cost of installing a steam shower unit in your home by studying the price of steam shower installation for similar projects. 

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What Determines the Price of a Steam Shower?  

Various factors come into play when determining the price of installing a steam shower in your home. For example, the size of the shower determines how much material you will need and how much more time you will need. Naturally, the larger the cubic foot area of your project, the more powerful a generator you will need. The following are suggested prices for smaller generators:  

  • Model number MS90E (for rooms up to 71 cubic feet) lists for $2,175. 
  • Model number MS150E (for rooms up to 72-107 cubic feet) lists for $2,825. 
  • Model number MS225E (for rooms 108-161 cubic feet) lists for $3,125. 
  • Model number MS400E (for rooms 162-257 cubic feet) lists for $3,350. 

Steam Shower Buying Guide

Type of Material  

The types of materials affect the price of installing a steam shower in your home. For example, the impact of porous v. non-porous materials shows up in your volume calculation as shown below. 

Non-porous materials such as ceramic, porcelain, or glass tile on cement board or a mortar bed do not require any addition to your cubic feet calculation (length x width x height).  

7-Step Process to Installing a Steam Shower in Your Home

Natural stones, such as marble, shale, granite, glass block, or concrete, require that you add 50% to the cubic feet calculation. This is because porous materials require a larger generator for your project.  

On the other hand, acrylic materials allow you to deduct 40% from your cubic feet calculation. Therefore, you may require a smaller generator for your project. 

Then there is the fact that installing certain materials requires more time and effort. Hard-to-handle materials will be costlier to install. 

Glass and Shower Door Features 

You may need to extend your shower door to the ceiling. For ceilings above 8 feet, you should add 15% per foot to your cubic feet calculation. However, please note it is not recommended on ceilings higher than 10 ft.  For example, a shower enclosure for a room that is 5'6" wide x 3'6" deep x 8' high will require raising the glass door to the ceiling.  

The cost of labor was $420. 

Sophistication of Steam Shower Controls  


The control system for your steam shower may be hard-wired or wireless. Naturally, a wireless system takes less time and effort to install. 

You may also decide whether you want push-button simplicity or a control system with lots of bells and whistles. Costs of control systems range from $850 to $1,555.  

Choice of Steamhead  

You may expect the steamhead will be an easy choice, but there are options from which you may select: 

  • AROMA GLASS STEAMHEAD The glass fascia matches shower controls in either black or white; 
  • AROMA DESIGNER FINISH STEAMHEAD Solid brass steam head with an elegant metal finish; 
  • The LINEAR STEAMHEAD Sits flush with any wall and provides an even smooth flow of steam. 

Bear in mind as you decide that it takes more labor to install a linear steam head versus an aroma glass steam head.  

Additional Steam Therapies  

If you want to add a Steam Therapy option, the following are available and require additional labor costs.  

Local Labor Rates  

Keep in mind that your project will require a plumber, electrician, and tile installer and that their rates will vary by location. You will want to research your area's costs for the local laborers you will need. 

For a steam shower measuring 5'6" wide x 3'6" deep x 8' high, professional labor (plumbing, electrical, steam shower system, tile installation) costs around $1,000 to $2,000.  

What Is the Average Cost to Install a Steam Shower? 

In general, when it comes to labor costs, you only need to budget approximately 25% to 35% of your overall shower remodel for material and labor. 

The difference between installing a regular steam shower and a steam shower is much smaller than it might first appear. 

For example, remodeling of a 120 square-foot bathroom with and without a steam shower, shows what a good investment the steam shower is: 

  • The cost without a steam shower:  $24,000. 
  • The cost with a steam shower: $30,595. 

 Invest an additional 25% to 35%, and you get the steam shower you always wanted.  

How Much Will It Cost to Install Your Steam Shower?  

Virtual Spa

Installing a steam shower in your home is a 7-step process. 

  1. Accurately measure the dimensions of your existing shower's length, width, and height. Mr. Steam's Virtual Spa allows you to plug this information into the program to help you select the right generator for your project.  
  2. Select the type of generator. 
  3. Select the kinds of materials you want (porous v non-porous).  
  4. Select the kinds of steam controls you want (wireless v wired). 
  5. Select the steam head you want (linear v aroma glass). 
  6. Select the steam therapies you want. 
  7. Select the accessories such as wall-mounted seats, recessed lighting, or a home automation system. 

After you've made your selections, the VirtualSpa program will generate a specification sheet with your project's estimated costs.  

You then add 25% to 35% for materials and labor to the estimated price. 

What Is the Price to Install a Regular Shower Versus a Steam Shower? 

Steam showers may sound complicated, but they are simple and easy to install, and most models are quite affordable. On average, buying and installing a steam shower only costs 20% to 35% more than buying and installing a regular shower. Considering that a steam shower can raise the resale price of a home by up to 30.7%, steam showers are worth the added investment. 


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