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Why Men Love Steam

Not so long ago, there were a few men who were reticent to step into the world of the steam shower. They thought, mistakenly, that enjoying a good steam was something only women typically did, with terry towels wrapped on their heads and faces covered with charcoal goop. These same men may have been under the false impression that residential steam showers were outrageously expensive to install—a luxury reserved only for mansion-dwelling, helicopter riding, champagne swigging lords of the manor.  

That was then. Now, men have discovered that you don’t need to be a captain of industry, an Olympic athlete, or a female-type human in order to reap the many health and wellness benefits of steaming. But, gentlemen, if you’re still feeling reluctant to try steam showers, consider these benefits: 

Smooth Operator: Makes Shaving Easier  

Maybe you’re still sporting a horseshoe mustache from Movember. Perhaps you like to rock late-period-Elvis mutton chops, or perhaps you’re the type who prefers to keep your face as smooth as it was when you were in third grade—supple and aerodynamic. Whatever facial hair you’re navigating with your blade, a good steam makes the experience so much better.

That’s because the moisture and heat of the steam shower soften the hairs, making them easier to whisk away, and allow the blade to run smoothly across the skin, avoiding irritation and the dreaded razor burn. But a word to the wise: leave that pressurized shaving cream canister outside the steam shower. The heat could cause the contents to expand, creating an explosive situation. Awesome for an episode of Myth Busters, potentially dangerous for you.

A Wrinkle In Time: Who Needs to Iron?  

There are two kinds of males: those who view ironing as an honorable descendant of historic male grooming rituals such as polishing your suit of armor or tanning a hide; and those who see it as a depressing and laborious time-suck. The former cohort will purchase a high-quality German iron and spend Sundays pressing their shirts while watching the game.

We’re speaking to the second group: guess what? A steam shower is your ticket to freedom from the iron. Just hang your duds in the steam for a few minutes while you’re getting ready for work and all the wrinkles fall out like magic. Stopping home for five minutes and no time to change? You can steam your clothes while wearing them. Don’t try THAT with an iron.

Check out  41 Benefits of Steam Bathing for other ideas.

Calm the #$% Down!: A.K.A. Relax the natural way

Heat therapy increases blood flow, raises the heart rate, and improves overall blood vessel health, according to University of Wisconsin research overviews. But what’s an additional benefit, they say? Stress reduction. Steam bathing is a natural, healthy way to unwind, more effective—and better for you—than martinis or pharmaceuticals. In fact, you’re not ingesting anything at all; instead, you’re purging: sweat, impurities, and stress. It’s not just physiological. Time in a steam shower is time away from electronics, e-mail, media, responsibilities, noise, and other distractions. As the steam swirls, so do your thoughts—opening up creativity, helping you solve problems, or just providing an opportunity for meditation.

Check out 5 Benefits of Steaming for Men for more on how steam benefits the body and mind.

Cozy up with Your Partner: Need We Say More?

A home steam shower offers something that no gym, spa, or hotel steam room can: privacy. As useful as your private steam room can be for a little alone time, it also offers a place to bond with your significant other. Talk, don’t talk, cuddle, or simply relax and be alone together. Basically, whatever happens in the steam shower stays in the steam shower. Planning your in-home steam sanctuary? Consider these wall-mounted teak wood seats.

Support an Active Lifestyle: Stretches and Strains

Whether you want to rebuild muscle tissue, reduce recovery time after a tough workout, or soothe aches from chronic health woes like arthritis, you’ll likely find that brief, intermittent steam heat from a steam shower can help you reach that goal. Beth Bryan Maley, a sales consultant at Morrison Supply Company in Houston, has seen an uptick in requests from men between the ages of 30 and 50 for home steam spas. Check out the article, “Morrison Supply Company Discusses Men and Steam Showers” for why this trend has been gathering steam.

Steam showers—Not just for bipeds anymore: Be a hero to Fido  

Kennel cough is a common, communicable ailment that can beset your pet without warning. It’s a dry, hacking cough that can last for a week or two, typically requiring a trip to the vet and some antibiotics. But you can alleviate your dog’s symptoms by bringing your fine furry friend into the steam shower. According to Vetinfo.com, steam loosens mucus in the dog’s nasal and bronchial passages, allowing for easier breathing and less coughing. Just tell him to keep his paws off your iSteam3 Controller.

Total Sound Immersion: Turn it Up to 11

As you design your home steam shower, don’t neglect the audio. Just like driving, steaming is more fun with a soundtrack. There’s a wide range of audio speakers, amps, smartphone-compatible sound systems, and other peripherals available for audiophiles. You can dial in music to match your mood—Gregorian chants, a little Bach, bird songs from the Brazilian rainforest, or 1980s glam bands. Are we suggesting that steam showers are a good place to practice playing air guitar to Motley Crüe? Yes, that’s what we’re saying. But hair-bands be warned: too much steam may adversely affect your perm.

Sleep on It: From Steaming to Dreaming

They don’t give out badges for sleep deprivation. And in fact, unmet sleep needs elevate the likelihood of memory loss and up the risk of mental and physical disorders, according to UC Berkeley experts. Our point? A good night’s sleep is your best friend. One of the best ways to improve your sleep is a nightly steam shower, especially with the addition of a few drops of lavender oil infused into the steam.

The Joy of Tech: You Control the Remote!

The steam shower dates back at least 4,000 years, so it’s hardly cutting-edge tech. But your gadget-loving male soul will be stimulated by the experience of controlling your personal steam shower from your mobile device, anytime and anywhere. That’s right: There’s an app for that. High-tech options for easily and wirelessly controlling your steam shower abound, bringing a decidedly old-school pleasure into the digital age.   

It’s a different world. Men are discovering the simple pleasures and life-improving benefits of self-care. They’re thinking about how they look and how they feel in a new way. And, like that other great male pastime, grilling, the steam shower brings together heat, technology, and ritual in a way that’s undeniably satisfying to the male human. Just please don’t try grilling while steaming.


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