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Want to Boost Your Home’s Value? Install Steam!

By now you may know that steam inhalation can relax your mind and body, soothe anxiety, and even improve your sleep patterns. But did you know that a steam shower can net you a tangible ROI when it's time to sell your house? That's because more buyers want health and wellness features at home. In fact, 42% of consumers consider personal wellness to be their top priority. 

The only thing you might still be considering is how the initial remodel costs stack up against the potential return. Fortunately, home improvement projects that increase the value of your home are always a good investment.  

Steam Carries a High ROI 

Contrary to popular belief, incorporating steam into your home isn’t solely a luxury upgrade. Steam showers carry a high ROI - more than 30%! - and you can balance your investment against how much enjoyment you’ll get out of it, along with how much money it could add to the selling price of your home.  

In addition to being a great selling feature, steam showers are environmentally friendly and relatively inexpensive to operate after the initial installation costs. Compared to traditional soaking tubs which use a staggering 80 gallons of water, steam showers only use about 2 gallons, literally saving you buckets on operating costs.   

Health benefits associated with adopting a wellness lifestyle could positively impact your fiscal health as well. The CDC estimates that 90% of national healthcare spending goes toward chronic disease management and mental healthcare. Adopting strong mental health and disease prevention strategies helps reduce payer spending. At the top of the list – heart disease and stroke.   

What’s one way to positively impact circulation and reduce stress? You guessed it: steam therapy.  

Wellness Trends Are Making Waves IN the Real Estate Market 

Homebuyers are beginning to treat their homes as an investment in their health and wellness, and they want to live in communities that actively foster that lifestyle. It's estimated that 1.3 million buyers each year purchase homes in wellness communities. And it’s no wonder when you consider that:  

Driven by the recent (seismic) shift in how we live, work, and play, people are waking up and making their health and wellness a priority. Spending more time at home means that people want to get the most out of their living spaces.  

This means fostering a sense of community and belonging, supporting healthier lifestyles that encourage movement and mind-body health, reducing stress, and promoting eco-friendly practices, to name a few.  

Incorporating steam can check many of these boxes, as steam therapy may improve mental health, respiratory wellness, workout recovery, the removal of toxins, and water savings. What’s more, walk-in steam showers with built in seating help support the aging-in-place needs of seniors.  

Visualize Your Wellness Goals with the Virtual Spa 

You can plan and customize your steam shower with the MrSteam Virtual Spa. This intuitive tool allows you to enter your shower dimensions and select a personalized steam shower system for your bathroom, no matter how large or small your space. 

From generators to controls, decorative finishes, and options like aromatherapy, the Virtual Spa System allows you to select and preview every element of a home steam shower system, step-by-step.  

Homeowners can quickly compare options to meet different budget levels and designer finish preferences. And the final summary page provides a list of all components with names/model numbers, photos, finishes, tech specs, and prices. The summary can be printed and emailed along with the tech specs. Once you’ve got an estimate in hand, it’s time to bring your wellness sanctuary to life.   

Bottom Line: Steam Showers Are Worth the Expense 

The trend toward health and wellness at home continues to grow, and there's never been a better time to incorporate steam therapy into your home. The wellness real estate market has seen a record uptick of 22% in recent years, indicating that we will continue to see higher returns on steam showers and other healthy home additions in the future.  

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