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Why Walk-In Steam Showers Are Perfect for Longevity Planning

Home renovations are a great way to update the look of your house, preserve its value, and adapt to the changing needs of a growing family. It is also a perfect opportunity to consider your short-term needs as well as your future ones.  

Many Americans are planning for aging in place, a growing trend among Baby Boomers. An astounding 77% of this age group want to age in place, but only 50% believe they have the option to do so.  

The solution? Integrating longevity planning into home renovation plans. 

What Is Longevity Planning? 

Americans are living longer each year. They recognize that their activities and abilities will likely evolve during the last stage of their lives. Longevity planning considers the practical aspects of later years where our needs may be vastly different, such as accommodating diminished sight, limited mobility, or the need to have caretakers or family members stay in the house with you. One of the top trends for aging in place that have recently emerged is low or no curb steam showers. These are also known as “walk-in steam showers.” 

Why Buy a Walk-In Steam Shower? 

A barrier-less steam shower is an investment that pays dividends immediately and into the future. A walk-in (or roll-in) steam shower can reduce risk and aid usability. Even younger adults with no known mobility issues can trip over the curbs and barriers of a shower.  

With curbed showers, those confined to wheelchairs or walkers are essentially blocked from entering without assistance. A curbless shower means mobility problems have less impact on day-to-day life.  

Beyond these future considerations, you’ll see the immediate benefits from using a curbless steam shower. 

Curbless Steam Shower Benefits for Today  

So, what can steam do for you now? Steam showers may: 

  1. Improve athletic performance at any age - A steam shower provides a  calming environment for visualization and meditation (techniques used by professional athletes), and the moist heat may aid in the recovery process.   
  2. Turn your bathroom into a vacation experience - Many Mr. Steam clients desire a steam shower as part of a spa-like escape in their own home. They want a vacation experience with the added benefits of convenience and privacy. 
  3. Sleep better at night - Our sleep patterns change with age. The deep, restorative REM sleep can be diminished to as little as 5% of total sleep time. Steam may help us sleep better by potentially improving breathing, helping to relieve stress, providing an enhanced mood, and increasing blood flow for better circulation. 
  4. Detoxification - Our bodies are inundated with chemicals and toxins daily. Steam has been used since ancient times to promote the detoxification of impurities through sweating.   
  5. Promote skin integrity -A steam shower provides warmth that permeates the top three layers of the skin, potentially aiding in stabilizing the skin and supporting its natural protection from free radicals. Natural hydration may protect the skin’s outer layer, plumping it slightly and preventing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 


Curbless Steam Shower Benefits for Longevity  

Steam showers are at their most accessible when curbless. Curbless steam showers may: 

  1. Maintain dignity and independence even with mobility issues  - If you’ve ever had an accident or surgery that left you dependent on assistance for the simplest tasks like using the bathroom, then you’ll understand how humbling or humiliating that can be. When you’re independent in your bathroom, you’re independent in the world. A curbless shower provides dignity and helps maintain independence, ultimately improving quality of life.   
  2. Assist with anti-aging - Steam can be a valuable weapon in our fight against the signs of aging, such as wrinkles. The moist heat of a steam shower can promote the flushing of toxins and help reduce the appearance of undereye bags and wrinkles.   
  3. Improve the quality of life - A steam shower may contribute to longevity by improving your lifestyle. Health and aging experts tout the benefits of sleep, exercise, a healthy diet, moderate weight, and stress reduction for a long and healthy life. Steam has been linked to better sleep, improved muscle recovery after exercise, metabolism support, and reduced stress. 
  4. Reduce inflammation - Inflammation is at the root of many serious, debilitating illnesses. Physical or emotional stress, poor diet, unhealthy habits, allergies, hormones, or a number of other sources may cause it. According to research, steam may have a beneficial impact on inflammation by improving the hormonal response that can cause it, while also helping to reduce the pain and discomfort that accompanies it.  

Steam Showers Are an Affordable Indulgence 

A steam shower may feel like a luxury, but it is accessible to virtually any budget. Depending on the size of your shower and the material you want to use, a steam shower system can cost as little as $1,550. Larger showers, such as those larger than 3’ x 3’ x 7’, will cost more for an appropriately-sized steam generator and control system. Estimate the cost of your dream shower by entering the dimensions into our VirtualSpa quote provider

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