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The 5 Stages Every Homeowner Goes Through Before Investing in a Steam Shower

A steam shower transforms a bathroom into a destination. A destination for relaxation—hello, lavender-scented steam! A destination for rejuvenation—goodbye, sore muscles. A destination for wellness, because there are more than 40 benefits of steam bathing, from better skin to improved sleep.

But in addition to health considerations, adding a steam shower is a smart investment because it instantly increases your home’s value. More and more homeowners are also using steam showers to provide comfort and convenience while aging in place.

Still, every worthwhile process in life takes steps. Caterpillars don’t just wake up as butterflies. White-belt karate students need more than one day to progress to black-belt prowess. And between that first glimmer of awareness about steam showers to the moment you step into your very own personal steam shower oasis, there are a few stages you’ll naturally progress through. With that in mind, here’s a complete guide to the steps homeowners go through before investing in a steam shower.

Setting the Stage: Steam Shower Curious

Maybe you’ve been browsing at a kitchen and bath show, or maybe you’ve encountered a steam shower during a home tour. Perhaps a friend, neighbor or family member installed a steam shower and can’t stop talking about how it’s been such a life-changing decision. By now, you’re starting to feel pretty curious: What would it be like to have a steam shower in your own home?

Stage Two: A Whole Lotta Questions Going On

That initial excitement about a steam shower naturally leads to a cascade of questions. How much does it cost to install and operate a steam shower? Do I have enough space in my house? Is this upgrade really a smart investment?

This is the ideal time to take a look at a few case studies. It’s a great way to glean ideas from other real-life homeowners and see how they incorporated steam showers into their bathroom designs, their aesthetics, and their wellness goals. A steam shower can be part of a bathroom remodel, be built into a new home’s construction, or be retrofitted into your existing shower, so seeing a range of approaches, budget, and styles can be inspiring.

To speak with one of our SteamShower experts, click here.

Stage Three: Phew! Good News

During your research, you discover that you don’t need to live in a fancy mansion to enjoy the indulgent pleasure of a steam shower. In fact, a steam shower can be installed in a space as compact as 3’ x 3’ by 7’. A MrSteam generator is only about the size of a briefcase and can be installed anywhere within 60 feet of the steam shower enclosure, so under a vanity or inside a closet is just fine, as are any dry, heated, and insulated locations in a basement or attic.

You sigh with relief when learn that a steam shower system costs less than you’d thought. It’s generally between $1,250 and $5,000, depending on which SteamTherapy add-ons you select. And you only need to budget 25 percent for the overall shower remodel to cover materials and labor.

You’re pleasantly surprised to find that in terms of ongoing expenses, a steam shower actually will lower your water bill. A whole week’s worth of steam showers sips only 14 gallons of water—about a gallon and a half per steam session—compared to the two and a half gallons of water a standard shower uses per minute, according to EPA estimates. Energy costs are also low, at less than a dollar per steam session. In short: While it will make you feel like a million bucks while you’re using it, owning a steam shower is totally affordable.

You’re also reassured to find out that MrSteam has been making steam generators in the U.S. for over one hundred years.

Stage Four: Getting Serious

After flirting with the idea and gaining practical knowledge, you’re ready to get more information on what it will take to install your dream steam shower. This is the time to figure out the logistics and learn how a steam shower will fit into your personal bathroom design and lifestyle.

Stop by a dealer showroom so you can experience a steam shower firsthand and get a feel for all the options. Dealers can discuss your project details with you, such as choosing the right generator for your shower enclosure. That’s because the materials used—tile, natural stone, acrylic, fiberglass or composites—have different heat-retention properties, and this will affect which generator you’ll choose.

Dealers can help connect you with a licensed home-improvement contractor who has experience with residential steam shower installation.  Find a MrSteam dealer near you. And if you or your contractor have questions, refer to our complete list of Residential Steam Shower Guides and Specs, which provide technical information as well as advice on installing a steam shower and proper operation.

Stage Five: The Vision Takes Form

The super fun part! Choose your steam shower components and accessories, such as an AromaSteam System, Chromatherapy and MusicTherapy, which enhance health holistically and may lead to benefits such as better sleep, greater relaxation, and improved mood.

Also give thought to how the steam shower will be used, both today and in the future:

  • Plan to age in place? A teak wall-mounted seat and recessed LED lighting will help make the steam shower safer for the golden years.
  • Growing family? Consider a sleek iSteam3, where up to eight users can have their own profiles, controlling their settings for steam shower temperature and duration. (Use this comparison chart to see which steam control functions and features best fit your needs.)
  • Looking for convenience and flexibility? SteamLinx for Alexa lets you turn on the steam shower by simply asking Alexa.
  • Prefer to have things simple? An array of steam shower packages combine all the elements for you—and at a discount.

Stage Six: It’s Go Time!

By now, you’re ready to officially plan your project. At this point, you’ll make your final selection of bathroom designer and or contractor, and start the process of installing a home steam shower. But if you have any concerns, rest assured, you can download a copy of warranty information for any of the products you’ve chosen.

Installing a home steam room is an exciting and life-changing step, so it’s totally natural if you have questions. Remember that MrSteam is always available to answer questions and solve problems, for you or your licensed plumber, electrician, or contractor. There is also a 24/7 Virtual Technical Support Center.

* Bonus Stage: Your Robe.

Now you’re enjoying all the benefits of steam. Get that soft, fluffy steam puffing, your towel warmer going, and step inside your own personal wellness retreat.

Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Home Steam Shower






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