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Comparing the xDream and xButler Steam Shower Packages: Which Fits Your Ideal Steam Shower

Upgrading your home to add a steam shower may sound like a dream, but it can quickly become a confusing endeavor with all the options out there. In this guide, we’ll be comparing the premium xDream package versus the budget-friendly xButler package. You'll get the insider knowledge you need to confidently select the steam shower that fits your space, needs and budget. 
MrSteam has been crafting luxurious home spa experiences for over 50 years, so they've perfected the formula for blissful steam shower packages.  

First up, a quick overview of how the xDream and xButler are similar. Both offer an elevated spa experience with MrSteam's expertise behind them. But the xDream aims for the ultimate sensory escape while the xButler provides a more streamlined steam-focused route. 

xDream and xButler Similarities 

When looking under the hood, the xDream and xButler share some key features that provide that signature MrSteam experience such as the iSteamX control system. 

The iSteamX features a capacitive touchscreen display that responds to your fingertip and allows you to precisely set temperature, duration, and more for each user profile. You can save customized experiences for each family member. 

This smart control also has built-in WiFi connectivity so you can directly stream popular apps like Netflix, Pandora or Audible right through the iSteamX panel. No need for extra devices in your steam shower. 

For convenience, the iSteamX has a SteamLinx mobile app that lets you remotely power on your steam shower so it's pre-heated and ready when you are. You can also adjust settings like temperature right from your phone, no matter where you are in your home. 

Safety features like auto shut-off timers provide peace of mind with the iSteamX. It even has multi-language support in English, Spanish, French and more. 

In terms of appearance, you can select a brushed bronze, brushed nickel, or matte black trim finish for the iSteamX control in either the xDream or xButler package. This allows you to match your bathroom's finishes seamlessly. 

While the iSteamX control provides the foundation, keep reading to uncover the major differences between the xDream and xButler packages when it comes to lighting, sound, aromatherapy and the overall experience provided.  

Key Differences between the Steam Shower Packages 

Now that you understand the core features included in both bundles, let's unravel the key differences between the xDream and xButler packages.  

The xDream package is designed to provide a complete, multi-sensory spa experience. This premium bundle includes MrSteam's AromaSteam system, which allows you to infuse botanical aromatherapy oils into your steam shower. Smells like eucalyptus, lavender, and citrus can enhance relaxation and transform the vibe. 

In addition, the xDream features MrSteam's ChromaSteamX lighting system. This lets you customize colored lighting to set the perfect mood. Coordinated colors and steam is a match made in wellness heaven. 

To immerse you fully, the xDream also contains an integrated sound system. This lets you seamlessly stream music, podcasts or audiobooks right through the control panel's speakers for a complete escape. 

In contrast, the xButler package is more pared back and solely focused on the steam experience itself, without any lighting or aromatherapy. This makes the xButler more budget-friendly for those wanting just steam. 

In essence, the feature-packed xDream bundle aims to provide a fully-integrated home spa experience with steam, lighting, sound and aromatherapy working in harmony. But the streamlined xButler is ideal for those wanting a straightforward steam shower without any fancy frills. 

Other MrSteam Packages 

Beyond just the xDream and xButler bundles, MrSteam offers several other package options to help configure your perfect steam shower experience. 

The AirButler package includes MrSteam's wireless AirTempo control panel. This battery-powered touchscreen gives you flexible installation options since it operates wire-free without the need for wiring back to the steam generator. The AirTempo can be mounted virtually anywhere using peel-and-stick pads or flush mounted in the wall. It's great for small showers or retrofits. The AirTempo comes in finishes like polished chrome, brushed nickel and polished nickel to match your decor. 

For those desiring a more traditional look, the Butler package features MrSteam's iTempoPlus control panel. The iTempoPlus has an elegant brushed metal aesthetic and integrates seamlessly with add-ons like aromatherapy, colored lighting, Bluetooth audio and more while matching a classic decor style. 

On the simpler end, the Basic Butler package contains just the essentials like the iTempo control, steamhead and generator for a basic steam shower setup. There is also the Steam@Home package tailored for smaller, more budget-friendly showers. 

With this expanded overview, it's clear MrSteam provides an array of thoughtfully designed packages suited to each unique preference and price point. The experts at MrSteam have been perfecting the art of steam for over 100 years. 

Keep your personal lifestyle and goals in mind as we run through some final recommendations to help you identify the ideal steam shower configured for your needs. 


Now that we’ve compared the comprehensive xDream package to the efficient xButler package, let's summarize recommendations to help you finalize the perfect steamy selection. 

The ultra-luxurious xDream package is ideal for those wanting the full spa experience right at home. With integrated aromatherapy, mood lighting, surround sound audio and more, it provides an immersive escape for mind and body. If a sensory journey is what you crave, the xDream delivers. 

For a simpler route focused just on the therapeutic benefits of steam alone, the budget-friendly xButler has all the essentials without the fancy extras. It allows you to customize the iSteamX to your preferences and relax surrounded by soothing steam. 

The wireless AirButler package is a great option if you want flexible, wire-free installation given its battery-powered AirTempo control. It's perfect for small showers or retrofits where wiring could be tricky. 

Those desiring a classic aesthetic should look at the Basic Butler bundle with the elegant iTempo control. It has a timeless style fit for traditional decor. 

For smaller steam showers on a tight budget, the pared down Steam@Home package provides quality at an affordable price point by including just the basics. 

Of course, personalization is key - your vision and needs should drive the decision. Be honest about how much you value enhancements like lighting, sound and aromatherapy. And consider what control style and finishes blend best with your decor.  

With MrSteam's array of options, your dream steam sanctuary is within reach. 

To get the exact cost of your ideal steam shower package, check out MrSteam’s VirtualSpa steam shower sizer. 

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