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How To Connect the AromaSteam System to Your Steam Shower Generator

If you've selected the AromaSteam System for your Mr.Steam home steam shower generator, you may want to know how to connect the Aroma Request Cable. In this article, we show you how to do so.

What is the AromaSteam System?

AromaSteam from Mr.Steam allows you to combine aromatherapy with your steam experience by automatically infusing scent into your Mr.Steam steam shower.

As this 44 second AromaSteam video demonstrates, aroma will be evenly and consistently infused within the steam for an optimum aromatherapy experience.

MrSteam: AromaTherapy from Mr.Steam on Vimeo.

What is an Aroma Request Cable?

The Aroma Request Cable is what connects the AromaSteam System to the steam shower generator, providing an even infusion of steamtherapy oils into your steam shower.

To merge scented oil and steam into a sensual mix, the AromaSteam injector pump atomizes the oil and creates the perfect in-steam aromatherapy experience.

Where Should You Place the AromaSteam System?

You'll want to install the AromaSteam System in an easily accessible location so you can monitor and replace the essential oils that the system uses.

Although the system connects to the steam generator, it should not be installed directly below or above the Mr.Steam steam generator where it will be subject to heat. The ambient temperature at and around the AromaSteam system shouldn't exceed 90° F.

The minimum distance between the system and a source of heat -  e.g. the steam generator or a heating system -  is 1.5 ft. If you can't maintain this minimum distance, consider installing a radiation plate or heat insulation between the heat source and the Aroma system.

>> Read the AromaSteam Operation and Installation Instructions.

How To Connect the AromaSteam System Request Cable

Kris Lee, Mr.Steam Technical Sales Representative explains in the following video how to connect the aroma request cable to your steam generator. Kris details three steps:

1. Make sure the power is off to the steam generator at the main breaker.

2. Route the AromaSteam’s grey request cable into your steam generator and plug it into the two terminals in the back right-hand corner marked "aroma." (See page 6 of the Operation and Installation Instructions.) 

3. Next, Test your aroma pump by turning on the power and selecting the AromaSteam option from your control panel.

(Although Kris makes it look easy to connect the aroma cable, Mr.Steam recommends using a professional to do so. )

Here is the 44 second how-to video on connecting your AromaSteam.

MrSteam How to: Aroma Pump Connection from Mr.Steam on Vimeo.

Enjoy Steam Shower Aromatherapy With AromaSteam!

Once your AromaSteam is connected, you have a wide variety of essential oils to choose from to enrich your experience and take full advantage of your steam bath benefits. The various aromatic oils can either awaken and stimulate you or enhance relaxation and help remove the day's stress.

Mr.Steam features the following steam shower essential aromatic oils:

Eucalyptus - This refreshing aroma may help open air passageways.

Lavender – Calming and restorative, lavender’s sweet and floral aroma can help soothe anxiety.

Evergreen - A refreshing blend of spruce, fir and pine.

Energizing Mint - A blend of mint, citrus and herbs that may stimulate and energize.

Breathe - A tropical combination that may help clear chest, nose and sinuses.

Mr.Steam also offers Chakra Oils (see Feeling Down? Try Mr.Steam Chakras and Aromatherapy for Sensual Bliss) from organic plants and flowers.

What's Next?

With the Aroma Request Cable and the AromaSteam System connected to your steam shower generator, it's time for you to practice Steam Bathing 101: Seven Steps For an Effective Steam Bath and experience the healing benefits of steam firsthand!

Let us know if you have questions.

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