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Steam Shower Installations: The Importance of Designer and Builder Collaboration

As a builder, you never want to experience what always happens in popular home renovation series.  

Inevitably, something risks derailing the project because one or more people didn’t communicate.  

There are numerous reasons for changes during any project, but seasoned professionals understand the downstream impacts of mid-project plan revisions. You don’t want to be the one that causes the miscommunication and project timeline delay, nor do you want your projects impacted by someone else’s failure to communicate. 

These unpleasant surprises and project delays can often happen when the interior designer and builder don’t collaborate effectively.  

You and your designer must be in lockstep at all times. If not, it can negatively impact the home’s aesthetics and functionality, not to mention the working environment on the job. 

This goes beyond basic agreements about dimensions and metrics; it’s also essential for you to have a sense of the aesthetics that is the focus of interior designers. 


Current Trends in Steam Shower Design 

According to the designers we’ve interviewed, more homeowners are looking for a home spa experience.  

Interior designer Patti Johnson notes that homeowners are foregoing the traditional tubs for more spacious and luxurious showers. “Savvy homeowners today especially like the Rainshower-style shower heads, body sprays, and steam showers, along with low maintenance tile.” 

Interior designer Lori Gilder explains that her clients want space and luxury in their primary bathroom renovations, and steam showers are an essential component. “Clients are therefore willing to invest in high-end materials and state-of-the-art products to bring that intimate spa experience home.”  

According to Gilder’s recent experiences, most high-end homeowners request all the latest amenities. “Incorporating a steam shower,” Gilder notes, “could be considered an amenity.” In-demand accessories include “multiple body sprays, shower heads, curbless transitions, aroma, ChromaTherapy, and luxurious natural materials.” 

Martha Orellana, VP of Mr. Steam’s Marketing and Sales, explains, “We find that innovative technology inside the shower is capturing a lot of attention.”  

Orellana’s clients want the whole, immersive high-tech spa experience with steam shower therapies like ChromaTherapy, AromaTherapy, and MusicTherapy. Clients like being able to control the music selections from within the shower. Similarly, they like having the option of aromatherapy scents such as Lavender or Eucalyptus, depending on their mood. Lighting also sets the stage for their shower experience and may provide physical and emotional benefits. 

When Collaboration Fails, Design Suffers 

Construction is like a symphony; all the instrument sections must know their parts and how each fits within the overall score to be harmonious.  

Builders, plumbers, electricians, contractors, and interior designers must all have blueprints that are part of an overall steam shower design plan. For instance, plumbers need to know the design so they know where to install the generator and drain before the tilers can finish the walls and floors. The electricians need to know what technology has been requested so they can run the lines to the appropriate location before the steam shower controls should be installed. The collaboration between the designers and craftspeople that do the installation is critical. 


Successful Collaboration Means a Happy Client 

When designers and builders collaborate, everyone wins. Conversely, when one drops the ball and doesn’t notify the others of changes, it reflects poorly on everyone.  

Client satisfaction with the process of installing a steam shower has a significant effect on the reputation and reliability of the designers and builders. This could potentially impact your ability to attract future clients.   

If your client’s interior designer hasn’t already contacted you, take the initiative to reach out to them today. After all, the happier your clients are, the more clients will be lining up to get on your schedule.   

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