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How To Install the Chroma Light Cable and Light Up Your Steam Room

We all hate those dark, overcast days when the sun is hidden behind a gloomy bank of clouds and it seems that there’s no chance of it brightening up. That's a reason to choose the ChromaSteam System from Mr.Steam. By immersing yourself in light, color and steam, you put into practice age-old wisdom on how color affects mood and well-being.

In this article, we show you how to install the chroma light cable so you can light up your steam room and banish the darkness and gloom.

What Is the ChromaSteam System?

Like water and heat, light is a fundamental life force and may improve physical and mental states. The Mr.Steam ChromaSteam System integrates light with steam, creating environments rich with color, mood and warmth.  A selection of colors ranging from airy blue to sensual red saturates the steam environment. Complete with electronic chroma logic for single or rotating color selection (slowly in Chameleon mode or rapidly in Party mode), the system features multiple vapor-sealed, low voltage, high performance LED light modules.  Both compact and unobtrusive, ChromaSteam is easily activated from the iSteam control, or the  iTempo/Plus control keypad. 

Mr.Steam offers the following colors with their accompanying moods:

  • Red - Vitality that sparks raw creativity
  • Yellow -  Awakening to personal power and awareness
  • Green - Harmony, helping you to get back in step with life’s rhythms
  • Indigo - Mystic, to discover the rhythm of energy surrounding you
  • Blue - Celestial, helping you communicate and share your discoveries
  • Violet – Nirvana, the culmination of time, place, and being

MrSteam: Light is Therapy from Mr.Steam on Vimeo.

How Light Can Make Us Feel Good

Psychologically, many of us can become depressed when separated from light for too long. Conditions like seasonal affective disorder can set in, and our energy can feel depleted.

Experts agree that humans depend on light to sustain their bodies’ natural rhythm—to help them sleep, think and retain a healthy mental state. In that respect, it can be said that we are creatures who crave light. For those particularly light-deprived, phototherapy options are available in which the patient is exposed to various different light wavelengths over a certain period of time. Phototherapy can aid in the treatment of depression, sleep disorders and even skin conditions such as eczema.

History is filled with examples of color and therapy:

  • The ancient Egyptians used color for cures and ailments. They built temples for healing, using gems (crystals) through which the sunlight shone and had different rooms for different colors and ailments.
  • In the fourth century B.C., Hippocrates, the Father of Western Medicine, used different color pastes on wounds. He also placed colored strips on cuts to aid in the healing process. He discovered that red helped patients with circulatory problems while blue aided in reducing the temperature of feverish adults and children.

>> See Colors for additional perspective on colors, their wavelength frequencies and the properties associated with each.

Although there are people with conditions who need light therapy, we can all benefit from its physical and mental rewards. For this reason, Mr.Steam has made light therapy part of its package of steam bath benefits. The ChromaSteam system integrates light with steam, creating ChromaTherapy environments rich with color, mood and warmth. 

Where Should You Place the ChromaSteam System?

You'll want to install the MS Chroma steam shower lighting fixture assembly where it won't be in direct contact with steam or water emission. Think overhead and away from the steamheads so you can fully bask in the range of ChromaSteam light colors.

>> Download the ChromaSteam Installation and Operation Instructions.

How To Connect the Chroma Light Cable

Kris Lee, Mr.Steam Technical Sales Representative explains in the short 54 second video below how to connect the chroma request cable to your steam generator. The Chroma Request Cable is what connects the ChromaSteam System to the steam shower generator, providing an even infusion of steamtherapy light into your steam bath.

Kris details the following steps. As easy as Kris makes it look, Mr.Steam recommends that you work with a qualified and licensed electrician.

1. Make sure you shut the breaker off for the Chroma light fixture.

2. Remove the access panel for the electrical junction box on your Chroma light fixture (above actual light in ceiling cavity).

3. Unplug the jumper wire-to-wire rectangular plastic connector tab.

4. In its place, insert the Chroma request cable, and reattach the electrical junction box cover.

5. Once you have routed your Chroma request cable, plug it into the PC board located on the steam generator where it says "Chroma."

How To Install the Chroma Light Cable and Light Up Your Steam Room

6. Then, turn the power back on for the Chroma light at the main breaker and test the light.

 Here's the video:

MrSteam How to: Chroma Light Cable Installation from Mr.Steam on Vimeo.

Enjoy Steam Shower ChromaTherapy with ChromaSteam.

With the Chroma Request Cable and the ChromaSteam System connected to your steam bath generator, it's time for you to practice Steam Bathing 101: Seven Steps For an Effective Steam Bath and experience the healing benefits of steam firsthand!

You might even combine ChromaSteam with AromaSteam and the AudioWizard for a complete SteamTherapy experience!

>> See Hear the Benefits of Steam with AudioWizard™

>> See How To Connect the AromaSteam System to Your Steam Shower Generator

Let us know if you have questions.

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