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How Steam Showers Can Boost Revenue for your Spa or Gym

HIIT workouts. Virtual-reality pedicures. They’re in vogue these days, but remember Tae Bo from the 1990s? Or crimping irons? Point is, trends constantly come and go in the health, wellness and beauty sectors. And that’s half the fun, as consumers are always looking for fresh ideas.

But classic treatments, like facials, massages and steam showers, aren’t “here today, gone tomorrow” affectations. In fact, for thousands of years, cultures all around the world have used steam as a way to relax and rejuvenate. Yet steam showers stay current with new designs and technology—and there is increasing buzz about the wellness benefits of moist heat therapies. Putting a steam shower in your gym or spa facility is a minimal investment that will yield significant return.

A Perfect Fit

Commercial steam room systems are available in both heavy duty commercial and day spa options, so whether a space is a boutique spa or a roomy fitness center, a steam shower can be scaled to proportion. Here’s how to choose a steam shower for your business:

  • Day Spa Systems are designed for light use and ideal if you are offering a steam room as an add-on value. If the steam room will be used for no more than about six hours a day and occupied by one or two people at a time, this is the right fit. Day Spa Systems work for steam rooms up to 675 cubic feet.
  • For larger gyms, clubs, resorts, and spas, Heavy Duty Commercial Steam Room Systems are the ticket. They’re designed for continuous or near continuous use—up to 22 hours a day, seven days a week. Maximum steam room size is up to 4,500 cubic feet, and one generator can even operate up to two steam rooms. MrSteam steam baths are in use at big-name health and wellness spots, such as the Bellagio Las Vegas, Canyon Ranch, and the St. Regis.

Regardless of the size of the steam generator you choose, the next step is to customize the steam shower in your gym or spa with optional accessories, adding pampering potential and aesthetic appeal. A few of the options include UL-listed vapor-proof steam bath lights; temperature monitors for safety; ChromaTherapy for soothing mood lighting; stylish linear steam heads; and MusicTherapy systems. These perks enhance the steam room experience for your clients, boosting referrals and word-of-mouth advertising.

Tell A Story

A steam room creates a marketing opportunity. Gym owners, share the perks of a post-exercise steam and how steam showers may jumpstart recovery. (A 2013 study in the Journal of Clinical Medicine Research suggests that moist heat enhances the benefits of exercising and reduces delayed-onset muscle soreness.) Spa clientele, on the other hand, will be interested in a steam shower’s therapeutic effects on skin, including lubricating skin, possibly relieving acne, improving hydration, and preparing skin for a shave or wax.

Other talking points can include:

  • Take a digital detox in the steam shower. This is “me time” where cares and worries get dissolved in warm steam—a sacred space where the mind and muscles unwind, away from daily distractions of news and mobile phones.
  • Reconnect. Steam showers are a cherished way to relax alongside friends and family at the spa or gym, chatting or simply being together.
  • Seasonal allergy relief. The hot mist may open up congested nasal passages, moisturize sore throats, and loosen mucus.

Capture Attention with Aromatherapy

The use of scent to boost mental and physical well-being is a growing movement. In fact, scent was selected as one of the top trends at the 2018 Global Wellness Summit.

“Aromatherapy 2.0 ticks all the boxes today’s consumers care about, including 100 percent natural ingredients, transparency, sustainability and evidence-based results,” says the Global Wellness Summit’s trend report. “And the natural essential oil market is expected to grow at a rapid pace, reaching $13 billion in 2024 thanks, in part, to an aging population looking for natural solutions to combat what ails them as well as a growing demand for natural essential oils in beauty products.”

Commercial spa and gym operators can tap into this trend with a CU Aromaflo essential oil injector system, which infuses botanical fragrances into the fluffy warm steam to further relax (and impress) your clients. AromaSteam fragrances—in scents such as eucalyptus and lavender—are available in gallon sizes for use in commercial settings.

Peace of Mind

As a gym or spa owner or manager, you’re in the business of making people feel reinvigorated and refreshed. Adding a steam shower is a surprisingly affordable way to provide a sophisticated amenity, with minimal maintenance.

The CU generators are made from 100-percent stainless steel inside and out, for durability and longevity. An Automatic Blowdown System, included in commercial packages, helps reduce daily maintenance with a programmed daily discharge of any accumulated sediments. To keep energy costs down, Steam-On-Demand maintains pre-selected temperatures, using minimum energy for maximum heat.

MrSteam products are also protected with a limited warranty for CU products, including a five-year warranty on the ASME-grade pressure vessel and a one-year warranty on CU products and accessories.

The bottom line: Once you are the proud owner of a gym with steam shower, or spa with steam shower, you can breathe easy. (That guy huffing and puffing on the treadmill, however, is another story.)

For more, read Frequently Asked MrSteam Commercial Steam Bath Questions.

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