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MrSteam Controls: Benefits and Pricing

After a long day, there's nothing quite like stepping into a steam shower to wash away stress and emerge feeling refreshed. Steam bathing has numerous benefits—easing congestion, deep cleansing skin, loosening tight muscles, and promoting relaxation. But not all steam showers are created equal. The control panel is a crucial component that makes the difference between a good experience and a great one. This allows you to fully customize your shower to suit your preferences. From temperature and duration to lighting, sound, and aromatherapy, today's steam shower controls put you in the driver's seat. 

MrSteam offers four excellent options to consider. Let's explore the key features and benefits of each to help you select the one that best fits your needs and budget. 



The iSteamX really stretches the boundaries of what a steam shower can do. This top-of-the-line control packs all the features you could dream of for a completely customized spa experience. 

The gorgeous touchscreen interface allows you to control all settings and functions using intuitive swipe gestures. Connect the iSteamX to your home WiFi, and you can stream audio, video, and more from popular apps while you shower. 

In addition to steam temperature and duration, this control fully integrates options like lighting, AromaTherapy, and music for an immersive multi-sensory escape. It can store personalized preferences for up to eight household members, ensuring everyone gets their perfect settings. 

You can even program it to automatically preheat the shower to your desired temperature at a set time.  

At a price point of $2,300, the iSteamX control brings maximum function and flexibility (and costs even less when bundled in a steam shower package). This impressive control hits all the marks for those seeking a fully-loaded smart home spa. Its high-tech customization will indulge your senses and help melt stress away. 

Now that we've seen the pinnacle of controls, let's look next at another option that offers excellent features in a unique way—the wonderfully wireless AirTempo. 



If you like the idea of controlling your steam shower without all the wiring, then the AirTempo is calling your name.  

The AirTempo runs on a rechargeable lithium battery, so there's no need to wire it to the steam generator. Its peel-and-stick installation makes placement easy. Stick it to any hard surface like tile, glass, or granite - wherever works best in your space. 

You get all the essential controls for temperature, duration, lighting, and aromatherapy options. The AirTempo allows you to create custom presets for multiple household members, too. It conveniently reverts to sleep mode when inactive to save energy. 

 A flush mount kit, available in designer finishes, lets you install the control subtly and seamlessly. And it integrates with the SteamLinx app to adjust your shower via a smartphone. For $1,650, the wireless AirTempo is ideal if you want the flexibility of controlling steam from anywhere without installation hassles. 

Now that we've reviewed an innovative wireless option, let's look at the iTempoPlus control that balances customization and value. 



The iTempoPlus hits a nice sweet spot between customization and affordability. Ideal for households with two main users, it allows you to store customized temperature and time settings for each person. 

A sleek, contemporary style and near-flush mounted profile give it a built-in look. The integrated controls for aromatherapy and chromatic lighting allow you to enhance your shower with relaxing scents and colors. 

The iTempoPlus features a convenient digital clock displaying the real-time, so you can keep track as you bliss out. It works seamlessly with the SteamLinx app for remote access and control via a smartphone. 

With trim finishes like polished brass, brushed nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze, you can perfectly match your bathroom's décor. For $1,450, the iTempoPlus is an excellent option if you want personal customization for two people without paying top dollar. 

 Moving right along, let's look at a nice budget-friendly basic control from MrSteam—the simple iTempo. 



Sometimes, simple is best. The iTempo control from MrSteam delivers basic on/off steam operation in a high-quality, affordable package. 

This sleek control features a digital display of your set temperature and near-flush low-profile styling for a clean, built-in look. It comes in round or square shapes to suit your preferences. 

The contemporary metal trim finishes, like polished chrome and brushed nickel, allow the iTempo to fit into your bathroom's decor. It includes the essential built-in thermostatic control to regulate temperature. 

At just $950, the no-frills iTempo gets the job done for basic steam bathing. 

If you want a quality steam shower without paying extra for bells and whistles, the iTempo keeps it straightforward and budget-friendly. 

How to Choose a Steam Shower Control 

When selecting which steam shower control is suitable for your home, there are a few key factors to consider: 

First, think about how many people will be using it. A basic model like the iTempo would suffice if it's just for one person. But if you have multiple household members with different preferences, an option like the iSteamX that stores settings for eight people makes sense. 

Next, decide which features are essential to you. If you want lighting, aromatherapy, music, and intelligent integration, choose a higher-end model like the iSteamX or AirTempo. For just the basics, the iTempo delivers great quality steam without the add-ons. 

Also, consider the look you want and your budget. The iTempoPlus hits a nice middle ground in terms of customization and cost. The wireless AirTempo provides flexibility in placement without installation hassles. And the iTempo gives you quality at an affordable price point. 

By outlining your priorities in terms of number of users, key features, design, and budget, you can easily narrow down the perfect steam shower control for your home. MrSteam's selection has an option for every preference and price point. 

The right control panel will allow you to fully optimize and personalize your steam shower experience. So take the time to choose the one that best fits your lifestyle and needs. Soon you'll be relaxing in steamy bliss thanks to your new state-of-the-art control. 

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