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Award-winning Linear SteamHead from MrSteam Blends Seamlessly into Shower

Have you noticed that many of our devices and appliances—from televisions to tablets—are “thinning out” and becoming more space-efficient? Now, the award-winning Linear SteamHead from MrSteam is bringing this trend into steam showers.

Unlike conventional square and round steamheads that protrude into the shower, the sleek and unobtrusive Linear SteamHead is discretely set flush to the wall for a clean and uncluttered design. After all, today’s showers are loaded with multiple showerheads, body sprays and shelves, so the Linear SteamHead’s minimalist aesthetics represent an entirely new option for you.

You'll find stylistic similarities in this new product that will remind you of other contemporary American shower trends: clean, symmetrical grid lines; rectangular glass enclosures; and linear drains.

A “Reverse Steam Waterfall”

Here's what you can expect from the Linear SteamHead: an even, upward-flowing distribution of steam which creates a type of soothing “reverse waterfall” in your shower. The new Linear SteamHead is made of corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum; the horizontal opening delivers three times the cross-sectional, or slot, area of a standard single-point steamhead. Introducing steam along this broad flat opening facilitates its gentle, even distribution throughout the room, and at a much lower velocity, which means less noise.

Even better, the steam is already partially “pre-distributed” for you as it emerges from the Linear SteamHead. Inside, there's an array of alternating and intersecting vanes that move the incoming steam around--expanding it, slowing it down and changing its direction. Remember, this all happens inside the wall, thus reducing noise.

What emerges on the other side of the steam room wall is a rich fluffy cloud of steam, whose soft, billowy surfaces envelope the space and warmly embrace the skin.

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Smaller, more traditional steamheads do not provide this ability to pre-distribute the steam. Without any interior room within the steamhead to expand or change direction, the steam flow must wait until it leaves the single release point. 

Linear SteamHead is Installation- and Maintenance-friendly

You can easily adjust the Linear SteamHead's flushmount design to match the exact wall thickness during installation. This is important for making the steamhead flush with the wall, since the installer may not know the wall’s ultimate tile/granite thickness during the shower’s rough-in phase.

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Once installed, the steamhead’s innovative design will save you from maintenance problems down the road. Internal vanes are specially sloped to route the condensate flow in a way that avoids pooling, which might otherwise impede steam flow and cause excess noise.

And, because the steamhead is made from one piece of extruded aluminum, the absence of seams, connections and moving parts –common with other heads – eliminates potential leak points.

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Ready to Seamlessly Enjoy the Benefits of Steam?

When you install the Linear SteamHead, you will enjoy the health and wellness benefits of steam in the newest, most contemporary and stylish means possible. The clean, even steam distribution will make you feel as if you are bathing under a steamy waterfall.

MrSteam: Linear Steam Head Beauty from Mr.Steam on Vimeo.

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