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9 Ways to Clean Your Body from the Inside Out

How can you tell whether toxin buildup is impacting your body? A few common signs include weight gain, brain fog, hair loss, fatigue, nausea, bad breath, and brittle toes. Moreover, toxins can damage your body and increase your risks of diseases like cancer, chemical phenomena, cardiovascular disease, and Parkinson’s disease.  

The solution is cleaning your body from the inside out. 

However, much of the advice on detoxification is built upon medical myths.  

The truth is that cleaning your body from the inside out depends on taking advantage of natural means that the body uses to detoxify itself of heavy metals. 

How Your Body Naturally Eliminates Toxins 

Our skin is a defense against toxins, but it won’t move toxins out of your body in a meaningful quantity unless certain conditions are met. The best way to detox your skin is to support the functioning of organs that detox your entire body: 

  • Liver — eliminates harmful substances 
  • Kidneys  — filter out waste  
  • Digestive System — screens out parasites and foreign substances through the intestines  
  • Immune System — attacks foreign substances  
  • Respiratory System — filters out large particles and removes smaller ones in mucus  

How to Cleanse Your Body from the Inside Out  

As Food Matters points out, “A detox is your opportunity to give your body a break and allow your own self-cleansing and self-healing processes to kick into gear.” The following tips are nine ways to kick your cleanse into gear and begin self-healing and detoxing. 

1. Forget Detox Diets 

Despite their mainstream popularity, detox diets don’t work. They often leave you feeling weak and starving. Some unpleasant side effects may also range from fatigue, muscle aches, and low energy to low blood sugar, dizziness, and nausea.  

A better alternative is to add more natural nutrients to your daily meals. 

For instance, adding fiber to your diet will help detoxify your body by feeding the growth of microbes that benefit your: 

  • nitrogen metabolism 
  • gut barrier function 
  • immune function in your digestive tract
  • endocrine response.  

Dark, leafy greens, as well as fruits and other vegetables, also help give the body nutrients needed to eliminate toxins.  


2. Hydration Helps! But Not How You Think It Does

The widely accepted belief is that drinking water flushes toxins out of your body.  

This is simply not true.  

However, if you don’t drink enough water, your kidneys can’t do their job. And when your kidneys aren’t fueled by water, you aren’t able to detoxify as well as you could otherwise.  

Given our hectic lives, it may be challenging to stay hydrated. Here are our most helpful tips to boost your water intake: 

  • Start your morning with a cup of water 
  • Set reminders with a nearby alarm 
  • Add calorie-free flavoring if you get bored of the ‘bland’ taste of water 
3. Try Milk Thistle 

Have you recently laid eyes on a plant with a long, thin stem, spiny leaves, and a purplish-pink thistle?  

That pretty plant, known as the Milk Thistle, may be the perfect addition to your detox!  

In fact, it’s a natural and herbal way to boost your liver function.  

Milk Thistle supports the liver by preventing toxins from attaching to your liver cells, keeping free radicals in check, and sometimes reducing inflammation.  

4. Juicing the Right Way 

Another common myth you may have crossed paths with is that juicing can somehow rid your body of toxins.  

The best (albeit worst) example of this myth is the Lemonade Diet 

Sure, you’ll lose weight because you’re taking in such few calories, but you also lose bone, muscle, and water. As a result, it’s not sustainable, and once you fall back into your normal routine, you’ll gain it all back.   

On the other hand, antioxidants in drinks like Green tea can reduce free radicals and the damage they cause to your cells and DNA. This is all thanks to the unfermented leaves they come from that contain incredibly high levels of antioxidants called polyphenols. 

Looking for the best results for your body? Consider integrating green tea into your daily habits—not a quick week-long spurt of only drinking tea.  

5. Avoid Everyday Toxins 

Did you know that research found that the average person is exposed to 700,000 or more toxins every day? This is because they come in various forms that surround us at work, in our homes, and around the places we shop and visit for entertainment.  

On top of that, toxins are introduced to the body by drinking too much alcohol, eating large amounts of processed food, smoking, and other habits that require moderation. 

If your goal is detoxification, avoid these toxins as much as possible before they impair your natural ability to cleanse your body.  

6. Enjoy Intermittent Fasting 

Intermittent fasting encourages detoxification, among many other benefits on your body, like weight loss, reduced blood sugar and cholesterol, and even lower levels of inflammation.  

According to Healthline, studies also show that intermittent fasting can help with cell repair and enhance the aging process.  

Of course, there are multiple types of intermittent fasting, so you must choose the one you’ll enjoy the most: 

  • Alternate day fasting  
  • The 24-hour fast, also known as the ‘eat: stop: eat method’ 
  • Time-restricted eating, also called the 16/8 (eating between 10 in the morning and six at night) or 14/10 (eating between nine in the morning and seven at night) method 
  • The twice-a-week method, known as the 5:2 method (500-calorie cap for two days a week) 


7. Purchase Probiotics 

To help your detox, you’ll want to add probiotics to your shopping list right away. Heavy metals like mercury and arsenic are prevalent through common — and even healthy — types of foods and drinks like chicken, rice, fish, and water. As a result, these metals can get into your body, sometimes at toxic levels. 

Researchers have found that probiotics detoxify the body of heavy metals by attaching to mercury and arsenic and moving them through your system and out. Experts also recommend varying your proteins to reduce toxic metals in your system. 

8. Exercise Works... Sort Of 

Exercise is another example of something we should do (like drink water!) to help detox our body, although it doesn’t directly impact toxins in your body.  

Unlike common claims, it isn’t that exercise flushes out toxins directly. Exercise helps detox your body and protect it from toxins by helping to maintain liver and kidney health. 

Some researchers have cited sweat as a way for toxins to leave the body through your pores, and others have claimed specific workouts can even stimulate more toxin removal. However, the data behind those claims aren’t rock-solid. What we do know from research is the connection between exercise and kidney and liver health.  

9. Use a Steam Shower 

Steam showers in spas have been popular for a long time, but did you know that a growing number of designers and homeowners are bringing luxury home and straight into our bathrooms? This is because a steam shower at home means quicker and easier access to benefits that can support a healthy mind and body like: 

Support Healthy Skin with a Steam Shower  

What if there was a way to target your outside and inside simultaneously?  

With a steam shower, you can!  

Steam showers support healthy, glowing skin by promoting circulation, hydrating your skin, nourishing you on the inside, and helping you fight off the bad stuff. 

In fact, steam showers are better for promoting health than saunas. Although they both use heat to stimulate sweat, the humidity of a steam shower goes a step further by rinsing dead skin cells and debris from the top layer of your skin.  

Making steam showers a daily habit can help you achieve the detox results you’ve been chasing. If you aren’t considering remodeling, one way to integrate steam into your daily habits is to convert your shower into a steam shower. However you do it, integrate steam to get a deep cleaning from pores to internal organs. 


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