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A lifestyle blog with fun healthy living tips and beautiful bathroom inspirations, brought to you by Mr. Steam, makers of the finest steam showers and towel warmers.

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What Can a Mission Trip Teach Us About Wellness and Steamtherapy?

antigua 1

If you are a regular reader, you know that Mr.Steam celebrates wellness and the art of steamtherapy.

At the same time, Mr.Steam realizes that, despite the deep tradition and history of steam bathing around the world, some people don't have access to what's needed for a steam bath, let alone basic necessities such as a private space to call home or a front door that locks.

In this article, we celebrate members of the Modenus BlogTour community who do something about these basic issues on a regular basis in Guatemala. They remind us how the joys of wellness and steamtherapy come in different forms.

Contemporary Bathroom Design Inspired By ICFF 2014

Contemporary Bathroom Design Inspired By ICFF 2014

Have you ever attended ICFF, the International Contemporary Furniture Fair? It's a terrific source of contemporary design ideas to incorporate into your own bathroom design. 

May 2014 marked the 26th year of ICFF. This year's fair ran from May 17 through May 20 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York. It also coincided with BlogTour NYC.

How a Steam Shower Differs From a Sauna

how steam showers differ from saunas

Do you know the difference between a steam shower and a sauna?

The terms “steam shower” and “sauna” are sometimes used interchangeably. The two systems are actually quite different from one another, both in the way they work and in the therapeutic benefits they provide.

Let's explore how steam showers and saunas differ from one another.

Mr.Steam Revisits Made in America During #SteamUSA Twitter Chat

#SteamUSA Great American Tweetup Highlights

Mr.Steam celebrated July 4th by hosting the Great American #SteamUSA Twitter Chat to discuss Made in America products.

Mr.Steam has proudly manufactured their steam equipment right in New York City since 1917. The foundation of Mr.Steam's American heritage is their strong American team of dedicated employees with a staggering committment to innovation, service and more

Celebrating Made in America With the Great American Tweet Up

Celebrating steam generators made in the usa

July 4th - Independence Day in the United States - brings to mind thoughts about the country and the meaning of Made in America. It has also inspired a Great American Tweet Up on Thursday, July 3rd at 2pm EST. We hope you'll join us!

Mr.Steam and Made in America

Mr.Steam takes the notion of 'Made in the USA" pretty seriously. After all, we've been manufacturing steam equipment in New York City since 1917 (see Mr. Steam: Relishing the Land of Opportunity for July 4th!). That's a respectable period of time!

Spa Bathroom Remodeling: Replacing Your Steam Shower System

replacing your steam shower system

Do you have questions about home steam shower systems? The experts at Mr.Steam are always happy to answer questions related to their innovative product line. In the past, we’ve answered questions about towel warmers, steam generator noise, and the importance of Mr.Steam AutoFlush technology.

Today’s question comes from a reader who has been enjoying his Mr.Steam steam shower system for over a decade:

Subject: Updating My Steam Room

Hello, I have had one of your products for 13 years.  

How To Design a Steam Shower Bathroom: Corey S. Klassen Explains

Corey S Klassen Steam shower Design

Designing a perfect steam shower bathroom requires the kind of professional thoughtfulness that Corey S. Klassen, Principal of Corey Klassen Interior Design in Vancouver, BC brings to all of his kitchen and bath design projects.

Meet Corey S. Klassen CKD, CBD, Steam Shower Bathroom Expert

Corey Klassen has impressive credentials. In addition to being a Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD) and - of even more interest when it comes to steam shower bathrooms -a Certified Bathroom Designer (CBD), Corey holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree from the University of Manitoba and a Diploma in Kitchen & Bath Design (Dipl. KBD).

Bathroom Remodeling Inspired by Steam at AIRE Ancient Baths New York

Bathroom Remodeling Inspired by Steam at AIRE Ancient Baths BlogTour NYC

How do bathroom remodeling and a steamy, intensely relaxing experience at AIRE Ancient Baths in New York City relate? Perfectly, when it's a matter of BlogTour NYC design bloggers gaining firsthand knowledge about steamtherapy with guidance from Mr.Steam, a longtime sponsor of BlogTour.

For Mr.Steam, BlogTour is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to interact with design bloggers and hear firsthand what kinds of questions they encounter from clients looking to create a personal renewal space in their bathroom. It's also an opportunity to expose them to the many therapeutic aspects of steam in conjunction with an immersive design event - in this case ICFF 2014, the International Contemporary Furniture Fair.

The Roman Baths in England and the History of Steambathing

History of Steam Royal.crescent.aerial.bath.arp (350x267)

Steam Bathing: A Journey through the Ages continues with part 6, an exploration of the Roman Baths in England.

If you are new to this series, be sure to check out Steam Bathing: A Journey Through the Ages, which introduces the journey, Steam Bathing History With the Ancient Greeks and Romans, the Sweat Lodges and Temazcals of the Native Americans, Steam Bathing in the Onsen and Sento of Japan and The Turkish Hamam and the History of Steam Bathing.

Selling Steam the European Bath & Kitchen Way With Suzi Mullins

European Bath Suzi Mullins (394x510)

European Bath, Kitchen, Tile and Stone in Solana Beach, CA, is where you'll find Suzi Mullins, showroom manager and winner of the Mr.Steam Passport to Barcelona sales incentive program.

(Suzi is pictured in white in the photo.)

It's no accident that Suzi achieved record sales of Mr.Steam steam shower and towel warmer products. Rather, it's the result of providing what European Bath and Tile showrooms are known for, a remarkable experience and a stunningly remodeled bathroom or kitchen space.

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