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Steam Showers: A Hotelier's Competitive Advantage

The hotel industry is anticipating slight but definite growth in 2024, with a projected 2.5% increase in occupancy. This is taking place at the same time as trends like personalization powered by AI and health-centric services are expected to take center stage in the industry. So, what can your hotel do to stand out in a competitive industry, where guests expect increasingly high levels of luxury and relaxation at every price point? Sophisticated hotel amenities like steam showers—both in your luxury spas and in your premium suites—can offer a profitable answer to all of these different trends.  

The Allure of Steam Showers 

The healing power of steam has been in the headlines for travelers, people interested in personal fitness, and everyone in between. Luxury steam showers are becoming a more and more attainable feature for individual homes, so you can wow your guests by offering a luxury they've been considering or a luxury they've become accustomed to. 

Wellness and Relaxation 

Today's travelers care about wellness. Gyms are no longer a perfunctory amenity but a major decision factor. Other wellness-related offerings such as smart lights, steam showers, spa services, and more are on more travelers' must-have lists than ever before (especially as professionals get back on the road). Some of the wellness benefits steam showers offer weary travelers are: 

  • Better relaxation after a stressful flight 
  • Muscle-soothing effects after a long day of walking and exploring 
  • Private spa experiences for travelers looking for a break from crowds and strangers 

Make your hotel's steam showers an even bigger perk with Aromatherapy, integrated audio entertainment systems, and more. This will encourage your guests to love their hotel room, not just the destination outside your doors. High-ozone shock treatments and air purifiers will add another layer of luxury for premium guests. 

Differentiation in a Crowded Market 

Being a cookie-cutter hotel is bad for business. You need to create a strong, positive brand identity and become the go-to preference for all of your guests. The best strategy is differentiating yourself by providing features, services, and offerings that your target market cares about—and that competitors aren't offering.  

High-quality steam showers are a unique perk that your visitors will remember long after their stay. They may be surprised by the luxury accommodations, recommend your hotels to friends and family because of the perk, or be more likely to return for their next trip. Depending on your hotel and specific target market, you can stand out by adding steam therapy to your spa, adding individual steam showers to your premium suites, or remodeling your entire property with steam showers in every room.  

The Business Impact 

Every business decision regarding hotel amenities must offer the right business impact. Consider the effects incorporating steam showers into your hotel or resort can have on profitability, guest satisfaction, guest retention, and brand reputation. You can also measure the financial ROI steam showers offer over time or conduct market studies to determine the break-even point—how quickly will it take for your facility's new steam showers to become pure profit? 

Alongside those metrics, there are two key objectives hotels should focus on: reaching target markets and retaining those markets.  

Attracting Discerning Guests 

What was previously considered a premium guest experience is now commonplace. To attract luxury travelers who are likely to take long trips or stay at your hotel multiple times, your hotel needs to offer uniquely luxurious experiences that they can't find anywhere else. Steam showers are a way to do precisely that as you can: 

  • Offer a rare and wellness-centered perk 
  • Refine your targeting efforts to focus on travelers who can comfortably pay premium rates for long and recurring trips 
  • Position your brand as technology-forward, health-oriented, and luxe 

Steam showers aren't simply a slightly better option—they're a unique perk that many other hotels simply can't compete with. Travelers are more likely to try hotels offering spa-like guest experiences and smart and customizable hotel amenities. 

Increased Guest Satisfaction and Loyalty 

Attracting this clientele is only the first step. It's equally important to fulfill your promise as a luxury hotel brand and encourage them to come back on their next trip. Steam showers with premium features and settings are likely to: 

  • Measurably increase guest satisfaction, resulting in better ratings and reviews 
  • Provide a memorable experience that makes other hotels less pleasant in comparison 
  • Inspire conversation so you get more referrals and can access premium travelers' networks of associates 

These benefits give you more retention, a key metric in developing both bigger profits and more reliable forecast models so you can plan ahead and grow your business. 

Practical Considerations 

Steam showers seem like a complex offering from the outside. While there are some logistical and remodeling requirements to consider, it's easier than ever to install steam showers in your hotels and resorts. They also offer practical benefits for your hotel operations. 

Installation and Maintenance 

Experienced contractors can quickly install showers with minimal disruption or downtime. Select a steam shower manufacturer with excellent customer service and a high degree of product quality so you can make the transformation with as few complications as possible. After installation is complete, build a routine maintenance schedule so you can offer steam showers with confidence. 

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability 

Energy-efficient steam showers capitalize on the growing interest in wellness and sustainability that many travelers care about. By selecting steam shower models that are both energy-efficient and luxurious, you can give your guests a thoroughly satisfying experience. At the same time, you increase your reputation as providing unmatched luxury accommodations. 

Make Your Hotel More Competitive With Steam Showers From MrSteam 

The hotel industry has been undergoing a rapid series of transformations over the past several years, and businesses must keep up to stay competitive. Installing steam showers can put you ahead of the curve regarding wellness trends, unique and luxurious guest experiences, and sustainability-focused renovations that today's travelers prioritize. 

MrSteam is the leading name in opulent, reliable, and high-quality steam showers. Our showers have been the top choice for hotels, resorts, and individual homes for decades. Contact us today to learn more about installing our steam showers in your building to attract more guests and give them memorable spa-like experiences with your hotel amenities. 

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