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The Top Six Trending Product Categories to Add to Your Bath Gallery/Showroom

As a bath gallery/showroom professional or wholesaler, you’re obviously paying close attention to the popular bathroom fixtures for 2019. We here at MrSteam know how hard it can be to keep track of “what’s hot” and “what’s not” in terms of those popular products for the bath showroom, especially when your days are filled with tending to customers coming in and out of your galleries. 

And we also know how essential it is for you to be on top of the trends – because those same customers are on the hunt for the most innovative, top-of-the-line bath products. Stocking and showing these trending items not only boosts sales and builds customer loyalty – in the form of repeat visits and customer referrals – but they also put you on the map as the go-to showroom in the crowded bath marketplace. And who doesn’t want that?

So we’ve decided to help out by listing the six trending product categories that you should be considering for your bath gallery/showroom. Our experience has shown that these are the state-of-the-art items that homeowners are looking for when they’re in the process of redesigning their home spas – the products they want to see, touch, and feel before they buy.

Trend #1: Steam Showers with All the Bells and Whistles

Oh, come on. You didn’t expect a list from MrSteam that didn’t include steam showers, did you? Installations of residential steam showers have been on the rise for years, and according to a Zillow study, listings mentioning “steam shower” sold for 31 percent above expected values. If that’s any indication, steam showers are certainly a bathroom must-have. 

But in addition to the simple pleasures of steam, there are some enhancements you can add to really showcase the indulgence they bring to any home spa:

  • A floor-to-ceiling steam shower glass enclosure. This seamless, clean look opens up the bathroom dramatically. Your clients will love that they’ll immediately feel like they have more room to shower in.

  • A dam-less shower stall. Also known as a curb-less or no-threshold shower, this is not only a great look for any bathroom, but it is also perfect for aging bathers who may find it difficult to step over the threshold typical in older showers. These flush-with-the-floor enclosures are engineered so that the stall is watertight. They’re among the most elegant of choices available today, besides being mobility friendly. (For more ideas on trending products that keep the bathroom safe, see Creating a Fabulous and Safe Bathroom for All Ages.)

  • The trio of SteamTherapy add-ons. You’ll wow your customers when you allow them to smell the exquisite scents of AromaTherapy, view the shifting colored hues of ChromaTherapy, and rock out to the sounds of MusicTherapy. Sure, these aren’t ultra-new products in the market, but they are certainly evergreen ones that are always on trend!

Trend #2: Vanities That Aren’t Stodgy

Nothing says grandma’s bathroom like an old-fashioned, boxy vanity that everyone recognizes as the quintessential piece of bathroom-only furniture that stores toilet paper and cleaning supplies. It’s always been somewhat of an eyesore, collecting grime around its edges. But now there are better choices:

  • The floating vanity. Anchored to the wall, a floating vanity is a bonus for any homeowner who wants to be able to clean underneath easily. This is an especially popular feature in smaller bathrooms. And by mimicking the feel of a piece of furniture, especially in the warm wood tones now on trend, it can substantially upgrade the look of any home spa.

  • The console vanity. A console vanity, also known as the console bathroom sink, merges the construction concepts of the traditional pedestal sink with the floating vanity. Like the floating vanity, the sink and countertop are often mounted to the wall, but it differs in being supported by two or four legs. Alternatively, it might be freestanding on four legs. The space between the counter and the floor is typically open, though some feature an open shelf or drawer. This trend offers a more spacious appearance, as well as playing into current design fashion with exposed plumbing and stylish legs. One of the most popular styles of the console vanity today is the industrial style, which is both classy and yet offers a bit of edge.

Trend #3: Hide the Footless Toilet Tank

Like the floating vanity above, this trend permits the homeowner access under the toilet so that the bathroom can remain pristine – no more bending or crouching to remove the yuck that accumulates around the feet of a traditional toilet. The lightweight Styrofoam tank, nested in a cast-iron or steel carrier, is hidden within the wall. And the seat itself can be placed precisely at the right height. 

One of the ways this trendy new toilet is ideal for smaller bathrooms is that they can meet building-code clearances of (generally) 21 inches more readily, particularly because they save at least 10 inches by placing the tank in the wall.

Trend #4 Mirrors, Mirrors

Mirrors in asymmetrical and rounded shapes are particularly up-to-the-minute this year – and those that combine high tech that pop with unique curves and corners are go-to trends that your customers will love. What do we mean, high tech? Consider anti-fog technologies, smart touch functionality, USB charging stations, and even mirrors that can turn into screens where your clients can catch the latest news and weather forecast or watch their favorite shows. And these mirrors can also come equipped with LED lighting, helping your customers apply their makeup or shave in optimal light conditions.

Trend #5 High Tech, Of Course!

In addition to the high-tech mirrors mentioned above, you will definitely want to showcase some of these technologically advanced bathroom features in your display space:

  • Smart toilets can come complete with seat warmers, automatic lid openers and slow close features, an adjustable air dryer (no trailing toilet paper!), and built-in deodorizers to mask any lingering smell.

  • Underfloor heating systems can prevent that cold shiver when stepping out of the steam onto a cold tile floor. These systems not only provide heat but can also insulate the room from undue noise.

  • Motion detecting water-saving faucets are environmentally sound and can help save on water bills.

  • Automatic temperature regulators keep the bathroom to the perfect room temperature.

  • Under-the-counter refrigerators near the makeup area or vanity can properly store medicines or organic facial remedies.

  • Warming drawers hold linens and robes. And believe it or not, heated towel warmers, which have been a staple at MrSteam for years, are considered among 2019’s technological trends.

  • Wireless connectivity, such as the ability to turn on a steam shower from anywhere using MrSteam’s HomeWizard that can tie into home automation systems, or Just Ask Alexa when SteamLinx from MrSteam is installed. 
  • Wireless music systems, such as MrSteam’s AudioSteam products and speakers.

Trend #6 Materials Both Retro and Modern

  • Wood? It might seem counter-intuitive to include this in a room that’s subject to humidity on a regular basis, but in fact, using wood can create a spa-like feel to your private bath. As noted above, it is a popular material for your floating vanity – and even can be used in a hardwood floor. After all, wood has the ability to breathe, naturally absorbing moisture. You will, of course, need to explain to your customers that they will need to wipe away excess water, otherwise wood can deteriorate over time.

  • Marble. Marble is naturally water-resistant and adds a touch of class to any home spa. It harkens back to the Romans and their public baths, but it is equally at home in contemporary, traditional, modern and classic bath designs. Note that you should let your customers know that marble needs to be properly sealed and finished with a high degree of slip resistance.

  • Terrazzo! This bright Italian style composite material is made up of marble, quartz, and other suitable materials. It can be utilized as a decorative accent and to tile the walls, countertops or backsplashes. It replaces traditional porcelain tiles on bathroom floors. Terrazzo comes in a multitude of colors, so there will be no problem finding the right shade to perfectly complement a customer’s bath.

These bathroom products will add just the right touch to your showroom, making certain that your customers are viewing the most popular items out there in the market today. Know of something we left off the list? Let us know what it is!

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