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Exploring the Path to Wellness and Wellbeing: A Conversation with Yoga Teacher Maddie Ringer

In this exciting episode, we delve into the world of overall mental and physical wellness, yoga, and the integration of steam. Our special guest is Maddie Ringer, the founder of Mad Yoga, a unique yoga brand that brings fun and authentic yoga experiences anywhere.  


During this episode, we explore various topics related to wellness and wellbeing. First, we discuss the difference between wellness and wellbeing, highlighting how wellness encompasses specific aspects of a healthy lifestyle, while wellbeing takes a holistic view of the whole person. We also examine how wellness and wellbeing contribute to overall happiness and emotional and physical well-being. 

Yoga takes center stage in our conversation, as we uncover the numerous benefits it offers. We discuss how yoga enhances mindfulness, breathing techniques, and relaxation. Additionally, we emphasize the importance of integrating meditation into a wellness routine, exploring different forms such as sitting quietly, walking in nature, or practicing yoga. 

One fascinating aspect of this episode is the discussion on steam. We delve into how and when to use steam, as well as Ringer's personal experience with it. We also explore the benefits of facial steaming and sinus relief, along with the effects of steam on the skin. Furthermore, we touch upon the advantages of combining cold plunges with heat therapy. 

The mental health benefits of yoga are also highlighted, underscoring how yoga can positively impact our well-being and overall mental state. Lastly, we provide insights on how to seamlessly integrate yoga, pranayama, and meditation into your everyday routine. 

This is only just the beginning of what we covered! Don't miss out on this captivating episode where we explore the intersection of wellness, yoga, and steam.

You can watch this episode with Maddie Ringer here. Tune in to SteamStories podcast and be inspired to cultivate a practice that nurtures your mind, body, and soul. 

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