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10 Steam Shower Design Ideas That Bring Wellness to Life

Designing your premium steam shower can be an adventure, especially as you explore the features and technologies that reach the height of luxury.  

All steam showers can benefit from features like silent steam generators, slip-resistant floors, and beautiful walls and inserts. Still, you can make your home spa design even more indulgent with modern digital controls, added therapeutic features, and waterproof lighting. Start imagining the possibilities with these ten steam shower design ideas. 

1. Netflix and Steam

Just like a long bathtub soak and a book belong together, there's no better pairing than a steam shower and your favorite audio. Make it even better with a WiFi-enabled touchscreen control center that powers your steam shower and listening experience.  

The iSteamX from MrSteam is a steam control system with an easy-to-use dashboard that helps you optimize every second of your steam shower across all your senses. With these next-level steam digital shower controls, you just tap it to: 

  • Select the perfect chromatherapy lighting conditions to hype yourself up and calm yourself down. 
  • Start listening to your favorite music playlist, podcast episode, or how about that favorite book played on Audible—you might even connect to Netflix, ESPN, and more for complete audiovisual entertainment. 
  • Add aromatics to the shower experience. 
  • Control the temperature and other steam settings. 


If you have multiple users for your home's steam shower, the iSteamX keeps up with everyone's preferred settings through custom profiles and saved settings. There’s a reason that Nobody knows steam like MrSteam. 

2. Go whisper quiet. Go Linear

Looking for spa-quality excellence in your steam shower? The steamhead you choose will make all the difference. Look for one that meets these luxurious requirements:  

  • Quiet steam: A loud, whirring steam system is the opposite of relaxing. Opt for a whisper-silent steamhead that has just the right configuration, so you will enjoy a quiet steam session. It also shouldn't have any moving parts, which goes a long way in keeping it quiet. 
  • The right aesthetics: Make sure your steam shower is visually luxurious, too. Polished chrome that matches the color and style of your shower's other finishes is essential for creating a seamlessly beautiful, uncluttered appearance. Ideally, the steamhead will also be virtually invisible and not call attention to itself. 
  • Even, powerful distribution of steam: Steam naturally winds upward, so make sure you choose a steamhead that evenly disperses a continuous stream of steam at the base of your shower so you'll enjoy all of the relaxing heat. 

The Linear SteamHead meets all of these requirements and more. It's an award-winning, flush-mounted steamhead that operates silently in the background of your steam shower. It creates luxurious streams of heated steam that will fill up your shower without calling attention to itself.  

In addition, if you have a love of aromatherapy, the steamhead can come with a low-profile aroma oil reservoir and tray.

3. Control From Your Phone

Add a remote-controlled steam shower to your remote-controlled lights and sound system with the SteamLinx Module and Mobile App. Adjust all your at-home steam shower settings from your smartphone or Amazon Alexa device. You might also preset the temperature, steam power, and duration of your steam shower so you can sit and relax without worrying about your schedule.

4. Fold-Down Shower Seats

A shower seat is a great addition to any steam shower, especially if you're looking for a chance for deep relaxation. But a  shower chair that stays in the way might be more clutter than comfort. So maximize your shower with a wall-mounted folding seat instead. The teak folding seat from MrSteam features rich teak wood, sturdy seating, and a slim profile up against the wall when it's not in use. Choose from different hinge finishes that match your whole shower design, and prepare for a relaxing steam treat. With a seat, you will comfortably stay in a steam shower longer to get all the relief and wellness benefits. 

Fold-Down Shower Seats

5. Recessed Lighting

Good lighting makes all the difference. Recessed, customizable lighting is the perfect example. With properly installed waterproof lighting, there are fewer shadows, harsh beams of light, or overhead obstacles to worry about. The fixtures will also be more resistant to steam damage and won't be impacted by either moisture or temperature. Even better, today's recessed lighting features integrate with your phone to provide convenient chromatherapy options or a simple dimmable glow.  

6. AromaTherapy

AromaSteam Systems transform a relaxing steam shower into complete bliss. Fill your morning steam shower with refreshing fragrances and essential oils that prime your mind for focus, energy, or joy.  

Alternatively, enjoy an evening steam with a hint of lavender or other relaxing oils to get your nighttime routine off to the right start. Aromatherapy will help enhance your mood, clarify the senses, and make your multi-sensory shower experience even more rewarding. 

7. ChromaTherapy

ChromaTherapy is a new way to hone in on a complete sense of well-being.  

Take your shower to the next level with fully customizable lighting that matches your mood or your ideal state of mind. Instead of white lighting with various degrees of warmth, take your lighting a step further with calming blue or peaceful green tones. 

Not only will you be able to control the lighting during every second of your shower, but you'll be able to save preferences and presets over time for your next steam shower experience.  

A little mood lighting goes a long way. 


8. MusicTherapy

The right steam shower relaxes all of the senses. It starts with a silent steamhead that lets you enjoy a break from mechanical noise and audio clutter. Then, it builds with your favorite music, playlists, meditations, and sounds with a built-in sound system.  

Whether you have a high-energy pop playlist, white noise and binaural beats to recharge with, or even the next audiobook installment, enjoy it in the shower with a crisp, high-quality audio system. The possibilities are endless, especially when you combine the audio with a convenient app on your phone or touchscreen control center.

9. Aroma-Infused Towel Warmer

With a towel warmer, you don't have to step out of your shower into an unpleasantly chilly bathroom. Instead, you will have a hot towel ready and waiting for you.  

For instance, the Metro Collection of towel warmers has a slim profile, chic design, and discrete heating wire that directs a toasty warmth into the fabric. For even more luxury, these towel warmers have a built-in aroma infuser. A warmer with an essential oil well can fill the towel with relaxing or energizing scents.

10. AutoFlush

Want to extend the lifespan of your steam generator without extra maintenance?  

AutoFlush is an automatic self-cleaning system that flushes the generator of sediment two hours after every steam bath. No work is needed on your end. Prolong the life of your generator by repeatedly getting rid of impurities and old water. 

Get peace of mind with innovative design knowing the system cleans itself. 

AutoFlush is exclusive to MrSteam.  

We were founded over 100 years ago. There’s a good reason that Nobody Knows Steam Like MrSteam. 

Accessible Steam Shower Designs 

Create your perfect steam shower with MrSteam. Our designs, features, and accessories are customizable to meet the needs and preferences of any user.  

When designing your steam shower, prioritize access with features like a curbless barrier-free shower, which doesn't have a raised threshold, and flooring designed explicitly for slip resistance.  

Whether you're looking for a luxurious steam shower to start your day with personalized lights and energizing aromas, an easily accessible shower to relax in with convenient digital controls, or any design in between, MrSteam offers a wide array of steam shower designs, features, and accessories to bring your vision to life. 

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