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Meet Mr. Steam's George Anderson, Regional Sales Manager

George Anderson, Mr. Steam

Mr.Steam has a new regional sales manager. His name is George Anderson and we think you'll like him at least as much as we do.

As we state in the press release announcing his appointment, we consider George to be a major addition to our leadership team. In his new role, he has assumed responsibility for creating sales and marketing strategies throughout the Northeast and the Midwest for Mr.Steam.

That includes managing and motivating sales reps, and providing support to showrooms along the eastern seaboard, including New York, New England, New Jersey and Virginia, as well as West Virginia, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

George Anderson comes to Mr.Steam with more than twenty years of industry experience with Rohl, LLC, PF Valente Associates and Ferguson Enterprises.

We recently caught up with George and asked him a few questions: 

Mr. Steam: George, tell us about yourself.

A little known fact about me is that I am originally from Alabama. Most customers just assume I have lived in NJ all my life. I have spent a good amount of time in the Garden State since 1976, but my roots are in the deep south. Most likely that's why I say, "yes Ma'am" and "No Ma'am" quite often. With a mother born and bred on college sports I was thrown in to any sport she could find for me. I settled on Soccer, and have played and coached at many levels since I was seven years old.

My father was a avid outdoorsman and we've spent every year since I could carry a backpack in the woods. We have an annual boys backpacking trip when we typically hike in for a week at a time, to remote fishing areas. My son and dad and even my two house cows aka Bernese Mountain Dogs hike in with me. If I am not playing soccer or hiking I spend my time at the stables with my 12 year old Appendix horse. I have been training him as a Hunter and recently competed in the Garden State Horse Show with my daughter.

Mr. Steam: What about your professional background?

My professional career started during College. I went to Rider University in NJ and worked installing underground sprinkler systems. That was my introduction to the world of plumbing. After graduating from college I was looking for a job where I could learn from the ground up. Rider's college placement dept. told me they had the company for me. Next thing I knew I was headed to Virginia to meet with human resources at a "little" company - Ferguson Enterprises.

It was a great experience working with Ferguson. They really did give me the opportunity to learn the industry from the ground up. The management trainee program started in the warehouse picking tickets and loading trucks. We learned the importance of discounting and how it affects the bottom line. It is sad so many companies fail to teach how a small discount can affect your operation's gross profit.

Since I had a little retail experience, my manager at the time moved me to the Ferguson showroom. From there I developed a vast understanding of the decorative products available in the plumbing industry.

After many years with Ferguson in NJ and Virginia a manufacturers rep firm I had done joint sales work with while at Ferguson asked me to come join them in NJ. I spent the next decade as a decorative products representative with Valente and Associates working with companies like Grohe, Jacuzzi, Panasonic and others. I grew to understand how important the relationship is with your customer. Sales can be made with statistics, features, functions, and benefits. But it's your customer who gives you the opportunity -- because of the relationship you've developed with them. They trust you to bring in quality products and back them up with reliable field service.

George Anderson Mr Steam

After years of being a rep I joined Rohl as the territory manager for the NY and NJ markets. It was a great opportunity to work with one of the best marketing companies in our industry. The time I spent with them was very beneficial.

Mr. Steam offered me the opportunity to move from day to day account maintenance to a regional management role where I could direct and have more influence in developing a marketing program. Plus, Mr Steam's products offer so many benefits to the consumer. I can now promote a product that is "Healthy for the end user."

(Note: in this photo on the right, George represents Mr. Steam at the Luxury Buying Group annual meeting.)

Mr. Steam: What attracted you to Mr. Steam?

It's the people at Mr.Steam who really grabbed my attention. They realize that people buy from people and don't focus only on the product. If you are all business and forget about the individual employee, your customer picks up on it. Mr. Steam makes you feel like family from the first meeting.

Dan Reinert and Martha Orellana were open and welcoming, and have been supportive since our first introduction. Everyone at Mr. Steam understands that they have a job to do. But they have fun doing it. Our customers pick up on the positive energy that comes from promoting a good steam shower product that is beneficial to the homeowner/end user. Too many times companies are evaluated on the product alone. Without a good group of people behind the scenes a geat product will fail. Mr Steam has that great product and backs it up with a wonderful group of people who make up the company.

Mr. Steam: In your first few months with Mr. Steam, what has surprised you most? 

I was most surprised by the passion everyone at Mr. Steam has for making the best product in the steam industry. They are committed to developing and designing new materials that greatly enhance the in home spa expeience. This product category is in its infancy and has huge potential as home owners look to discover better ways to live healthy at home.

Mr. Steam: What do you like most about steam? 

As a technology and sports junkie I have always been intrigued by the merging of technology and physical development. Mr. Steam's new iSteam control has the potential to help athletes train, and recover quicker after exhausting workouts.

It's not just for the athlete. Our new technology increases enjoyment of the steam shower experience by simplifying what has been in the past over-complicated. Simple is better and many of our competitors look to complicate the controls of their products. We are simplifying them to allow a tech junkie like myself or the non-tech savy individual easy enjoyment of steam. The possibilities are endless with our new controls. The simple bluetooth integration of the home audio system into your steam bath greatly enhances your enjoyment of the in home spa. Couple that with Aroma therapy and Chroma color therapy, Mr. Steam affects positively all of the human senses.

What could be better to represent than a product that makes our lives more enjoyable?

Mr. Steam: Has that changed much since joining Mr. Steam?

No, representing a product that has the possibility to make someone's life better or more enjoyable is very rewarding. I do look for the possible development of new products that will work with our existing product line. Products that again will enhance our lives in a healthy positive way. Functions that integrate with technology to offer more time to the homeowner to enjoy a few moments to relax in their home spa. I am always looking for areas in the bathroom in need of improvement. It is the fun side of the business.

Mr. Steam: George, what do you do in your spare time? Does steam play a role?

As a coach in youth sports I spend a lot of time talking to the parents of my team's players. They all have one common request: they want more time for themselves and the family. Each parent expresses the same concern. The family is too busy, going to too many extracurricular events for school, sports, or work related. They all want more time for themselves and for their families. Think about it for a moment.

I go backpacking with my son and father to disconnect and reconnect with each of them as individuals. I am able to contemplate issues in my life that can't be rushed. It allows me the time necessary to delve into issues that deserve my full attention not just a rushed answer. We have all become reactive not proactive.

Steam can offer that respite from our busy hectic lives we live. Taking a steam bath is a easy way for all of us to spend some time in quiet contemplation. The steam helps our bodies to increase circulation and rehydrate among the many other healthy benefits. But it also allows the individual time to consider issues in their life. To find time to become proactive on issues. To become calmer and rested, so that we deal with issues and each other in a more positive and respectful way.

Mr. Steam: George, thanks for answering our questions. Welcome aboard and all the best for success! 


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