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5 Steam Room Benefits That Will Make You Want a Home Spa

Imagine starting or ending each day with some time to yourself in a calming and comforting environment. You breathe deeply, then exhale, feeling yourself relax more with each breath. Dewy heat infused with delicious scents and your favorite music transport you to a tropical paradise. Your mind stills and a feeling of peace envelops you. 

This scenario isn't available only to those who stay in a luxury wellness retreat. In fact, it is well within reach of most homeowners. This feast for the senses can be part of your daily experience with a home spa bathroom equipped with a steam shower. Let's look at some steam room benefits at your fingertips with a home spa.  

Learn more about the benefits of steam bathing... Download the full list here.

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1. Body

Steam therapy has been used since prehistoric times, dating back to 4000 B.C. Ancient Greeks and Romans considered steam bathing a vital part of daily life. Though the public bath houses declined in the 17th and 18th centuries, the medical community regenerated interest among those interested in wellness practices when researchers started using hyperthermic therapies for oncology in the 1970s. Today, many people recognize the physical benefits of using steam rooms, such as:  

  • Assists with maintaining vascular health 
  • Reinforces cardiovascular wellness 
  • Supports lung health 
  • Promotes flexibility and provides relief from muscle soreness and temporary joint discomfort 
  • Supports detoxification 
  • Assists with opening nasal passages, easing breathing, and promoting sinus drainage 
  • Opens pores and cleanses skin 
  • Encourages increased circulation
  • May increase metabolism, burning an average of 150 calories per 15-minute, 114° F session


2. Mind  

There is a scientific reason you feel so relaxed in a steam room. Steam encourages the release of feel-good hormones called endorphins and inhibits the production of cortisol, the hormone released in response to stress. The combination promotes mental well-being by: 

  • Promoting relaxation 
  • Helping alleviate stress 
  • Maintaining cognitive function and mental acuity 
  • Cultivating a sense of overall well-being 
  • Encouraging deeper, more restorative sleep  

3. Spirit   

Many cultures use steam in various spiritual practices. Indigenous tribes in the U.S. have a long history of using steam as a method to enlighten or deepen contemplation. Many religions and cultures use it as an aid for meditation. Steam rooms create the ideal quiet space for calming the mind and giving yourself a much-needed break by: 

  • Creating a restful environment for renewal 
  • Inspiring reflection and mindfulness 
  • May result in elevating your mood 


4. Environment 

Environmental issues are another source of stress for many. Homeowners are increasingly interested in green initiatives to do more to conserve our natural resources. Steam showers are the optimal solution for not only promoting a wellness lifestyle but doing so while staying environmentally friendly. Steam showers save water, using less than 2 gallons for a luxurious 1/2-hour steam bath, compared to 2.5 gallons per minute for an average shower.  


5. Value  

Last but certainly not least, steam showers are a valuable investment. They cost mere cents to operate and don't require a major home renovation to install. Steam showers can be added to an existing shower to turn an ordinary bathroom into a personal spa retreat. A steam shower may even increase the equity of your home. Steam showers are one of the premium features that can increase your value by as much as 31%. 

Whether you decide to install a steam shower in an existing space or as part of a full remodel, the ROI (return on investment) can more than pay for the cost. You not only get to enjoy the numerous lifestyle and wellness benefits of your home spa but you can be assured that it has more than paid for itself by adding to the value of your home.  


Invest in Yourself by Installing a Home Spa 

Though you can't put a number to the value of your overall wellness, you can see the toll it takes emotionally and financially on families when stress and illness take over. Though we lag behind many other countries in recognizing the importance of relaxation and taking the time to enjoy life, people in the U.S. are starting to realize that we need to change the paradigm of working ourselves to the point of exhaustion. People realize that they need to prioritize their own mental, physical, and spiritual health to be there fully for their loved ones. A steam shower is the perfect multisensory experience to give you time to rest, reflect, revitalize, and recenter yourself.  

Homeowners increasingly recognize steam's value as a daily wellness ritual. Steam room benefits extend to all areas of your life, from enhancing your physical and mental well-being, supporting a more sustainable lifestyle, and building more value in your home. A steam shower is a wise investment in your most important asset: yourself. 

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