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3 Reasons to Steam in the Summer

Steaming may seem counterintuitive when summer temperatures soar, but steam showers provide year-round wellness benefits.

If what you want is glowing skin, mind-body pampering and countless other wellness benefits, all in the comfort of your own home, why let the temperature outside get in your way? By transforming your bathroom into a private wellness oasis, you can reap the benefits of steam every day, no matter the weather. 

Let’s examine three reasons to steam through even the dog days of summer.

Your steam shower oasis is waiting.

1. Enhance the body from the inside, out. 

Everyone needs an occasional break, and summer is the perfect time to take it. If, for you, summer equals a breather from school pickups and drop-offs and fewer weeknight activities, embrace the season as a time to make yourself a priority. Steam can guide you in that journey, working its magic both inside and outside the body.

It starts on the inside: Steam has long been praised for its associated wellness benefits of helping to reinvigorate tired muscles, potential for improving cell recovery and promoting easier breathing. It may seem counterintuitive, but soaring temps may actually boost the benefits of steam. If you live where the temperature is quick to rise, or if you visit a warmer climate while on vacation, stepping into a steam shower can help you feel refreshed. 

Steam also helps on the outside. You may love summer’s longer days and lighter loads, yet the heat may be unrelenting toward your skin. Luckily, the effects of steam baths and steam showers may help keep your skin healthy and radiant after just a few sessions. Steam therapy may also enhance your body’s natural defenses and help you maintain a healthy, radiant glow all year. 

If you’re worried about sweat — a natural part of your body’s highly effective filtering system — remember that sweating in a steam shower is different from sweating caused by our natural response to heat. A steam shower is a controlled environment that provides you with the benefits of sweating without exposure to additional impurities disrupting the process. By opening your pores, steam helps loosen the accumulation of dirt and bacteria, allowing your skin to flush away dead skin cells and other toxins that clog the pores and contribute to acne. 

2. Complement physically active days. 

Summer is one of the most active seasons of the year. However, those activities can cause sore, achy muscles. Luckily, steam can help provide great muscle recovery. Interestingly, steam eliminates lactic acid that can accumulate when you exercise. The skin is sometimes called the third kidney because it detoxifies lactic acid through sweat. That lactic acid release is one reason a steam shower makes you feel loose and helps with minor aches and pains. And, if used regularly, a steam shower may make a positive impact on your amped-up wellness lifestyle. 

For physical therapist Allison Guttman, steam bathing is a wellness lifestyle choice worth adopting year-round. According to Guttman, heat therapy doesn’t just warm up the muscles, it may help soothe nerve endings and ease stress-induced tension. In fact, when we talked with Guttman about the benefits of steam, she shared, “At my clinic, we use heat packs to relieve joint pain, and taking a steam shower is like putting yourself into one giant heat pack.”
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3. Relax and destress.

We talk a lot about the body, but steam’s ability to help relax and destress the mind is one of its most valuable benefits. After a brisk day of activities — from hiking in the mountains to chasing the kids in the backyard — there’s nothing like shutting the door on the outside world as you enter your own home spa. And, if you’re like many of those trying to balance work, family and other responsibilities, you know life can get tense, fast. That’s why it’s important to take time for yourself during these longer days, no matter what you have planned. You matter. 

Enter steam: There’s no better way to escape than by having a wellness oasis at your fingertips. And, wherever your travels take you, wellness begins at home. Consider steam showers as a counterbalance to your summertime action. Additionally, you can elevate your “me” time by combining therapies such as AromaTherapy (for a wellness boost) and MusicTherapy (to please your ears and soothe your soul).

Don’t let soaring summer temps hold you back from realizing the benefits of steam. Today, with innovations like MrSteam’s Virtual Spa System®, bringing your at-home spa vision to life is easier and more affordable than ever. The result? Your personal bathroom bliss zone, complete with the soothing benefits of steam...year-round.

Plan your dream steam shower today at VirtualSpa.MrSteam.com.

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