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2023 Blog Roundup

Throughout the year, our steam experts have been working hard to bring you the most interesting and useful information about the world of steam. 

Exploring the top blogs of 2023 won't just help you review valuable facts and tips. It will allow you to start the new year equipped with high-quality data. From the benefits of aromatherapy to the intricacies of sauna fashion, let's take a short trip back through time. 

Steam Room Fashion: What to Wear  

Steam room fashion isn't just about comfort. It's about tradition. Since saunas, bathhouses, and spas have a rich history, so does the attire that goes with them. Sauna etiquette may not be a must-do in some places but following it could help you feel comfortable, safe, and relaxed. 

In this blog, steam experts discuss: 

  • Key difference between steam rooms and saunas 
  • Fashion choices in gym steam rooms and spa steam rooms 
  • Going nude in the steam room 

You'll discover why swimsuits are out of the question, understand when to become friends with cotton, and learn how to avoid 420,000 bacteria.  Read on! 

4 Sauna Alternatives for Your Home  

Home saunas are fun, enjoyable, and highly beneficial. Unfortunately, they come with a few significant downsides, including wood deformation, space concerns, and operation costs. 

In this blog, our steam experts dive into the sauna alternatives that can be just as interesting, convenient, and delightful as traditional finish saunas. 

You'll learn about: 

  • The surprising and not-so-surprising benefits of steam 
  • Healthy body detox opportunities 
  • The power of aromatherapy 
  • The low-cost pleasure of hot baths 

The blog will surprise you with some unexpected alternatives and provide solid evidence about the benefits of wet heat over dry heat. Once you finish reading, you'll be fully equipped to choose a sauna alternative for your home and budget. Read on! 

Adding Steam to Your Skincare Routine 

If you are looking for ways to improve your skin, this blog is for you. Here you'll find out all about facial steaming and how it can affect your health, appearance, and well-being. Steam experts share: 

  • Impressive benefits of facial steaming 
  • How to de-puff and distress your skin 
  • How to prepare for steaming 
  • Secret facial steaming tips for all skin types 
  • Post-steaming advice 

Besides step-by-step instructions, you'll also read advice from dermatologists and learn some fascinating facts and statistics. 

You will be pleasantly surprised how easy and enjoyable it can be to make your skin look young and healthy. Armed with this information, you can reinvent your skincare routine and turn a chore into a hobby. Read on! 

40 Benefits of Steam Bathing 

Whether you've just learned about steam bathing or have been thinking about installing a steam shower in your home, this blog will provide valuable insights. You'll find out while so many people love steam showers and learn: 

  • How a pleasurable experience can turn into a medical treatment 
  • Why steam is a great way to make your skin look younger 
  • How to reach your weight loss goals by simply stepping into the shower 

This blog also dives into official studies that support the steam benefits and show you exactly what to expect from the steam experience. You'll learn what researchers and scientists have to say about using steam rooms for your health, happiness, and well-being. 

By the way, the 40 benefits listed in this blog are just the tip of the iceberg. Read on! 

A Time-Traveler's Guide to Steam Bathing  

Did you know that people started using steam for its multiple benefits thousands of years ago? This blog invites you to go back in time and find out how different civilizations have been leveraging the power of steam to heal, relax, and have fun. 

From the people of the Indus Valley to the Ottoman Empire, you'll dive into some truly interesting historical facts. 

Steam bathing of the past wasn't always a cleansing or healing procedure. It's connected to some of the most intriguing religious rituals. 

The history of steam is rich, exciting, and filled with unexpected truths. Read on! 

10 Natural Ways to Detox Your Body  

The human body constantly faces multiple toxins. While some of them are less harmful and easily cleansed, others stay put and reduce your quality of life. In this blog, you'll find out how to detox your body and have fun in the process. 

Here is what you'll learn: 

  • Ways toxins enter your body without your knowledge 
  • What you can eat and drink to encourage detoxification 
  • How to adjust your diet and lifestyle 
  • Relevant expert opinions and statistics 

While some of the detox methods aren't fun since they involve limiting your diet and adding more exercises to your routine, others are truly enjoyable. To find out exactly what they are, read on! 

How to Add AromaTherapy To Your Steam Shower To Invigorate Mind and Body  

If you've never tried AromaTherapy before, you've been missing out on its multiple benefits. At Mr. Steam, we've been studying the effects of AromaTherapy for many years and learned how to incorporate it into a pleasurable steam shower experience. 

In this blog, we share our insights and teach you how to add this valuable element to your steam shower. You won't just learn the technical part (it's much less complicated than you think!) but also explore some of the most effective aroma oils. Read on! 

Thank you for being with us. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration in 2024 and beyond! 


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