Embracing Life with Violet ChromaTherapy and Steam

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    Have you noticed how the days are lengthening, sunlight is getting stronger, and life is returning in nature once again? As the trees begin to awaken and the flowers start to bloom, perhaps you can do the same. But, instead of soaking up the sun's rays, try soaking in the violet light ChromaTherapy and some steam. You may find that the violet hue can help you to embrace life more fully.

    The Power of Violet

    As a color with the highest vibration in the spectrum of light, violet can be thought of as a representation of your higher self.

    In other words, exposure to the color violet may help to evoke a deeper sense of awareness and fulfillment within - promoting harmony of the mind and a more balanced mental state - similar to the potential benefits of meditation.Exposure to the color violet may help to evoke a deeper sense of awareness and fulfillment within

    Gaining a greater sense of who you are may help you to experience less self-judgment and reinforce self-love and compassion.

    This newfound confidence and inner happiness may allow you to see life from a different perspective. You might even notice yourself feeling more creative and inspired by the world around you.

    Life experiences could also become more profound once you embrace inner peace.

    Violet ChromaTherapy 

    At this point, you may be wondering how to go about getting your daily dose of violet.

    One of the greatest painters and thinkers of all time may be able to provide some insight. Leonardo da Vinci, whose studies largely focused on the human body, once said, according to Exploring Auras: Cleansing and Strengthening Your Energy Field,

    “The power of meditation can be ten times greater under violet light falling through the stained glass window of a quiet church.”Violet ChromaSteam provides a therapeutic stream of violet light!

    Finding a stream of violet light could be a bit challenging, but MrSteam offers a simple solution: violet ChromaSteam.

    Using violet ChromaTherapy in your home steam shower, you can experience violet light and all of the benefits that it may offer. While often subjective, studies have shown that violet ChromaTherapy is also helpful with de-stressing, pain relief and becoming more in-tune with the health of your body.

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    Spring into Action

    As nature begins to teem with life, so can you. The simple action of absorbing violet light might just help you see life through a refreshed lens. What are you waiting for?

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