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    Expanding Your Intuitive Mind with Indigo...and Steam

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    Have you ever just "known" something without knowing how you knew it? While that may be a mouthful, that sense of knowing, that gut feeling you experience from time to time, is simply called intuition. And, one means of expanding your intuition is through the color indigo.

    Intuition: Sacred Gift

    Intuition is that gut feeling we’ve all experienced, based on unconscious reasoning that tells us what to do without any real intellectual basis.

    Here’s a scenario for you:  

    You’re in the middle of making a deal. Everything looks right on paper - the numbers add up and all of the information checks out. You can’t put your finger on it, but something just doesn’t feel quite right. You go ahead and make the deal anyway and it ends up going south.

    That’s your intuition you just neglected.

    With so much information right at our fingertips - 24/7 news cycles, countless electronic tools and the all-knowing Internet - we tend to ignore our instincts. Our only explanation is “something’s just not right.”

    Albert Einstein is thought to have considered the intuitive or a metaphoric mind a sacred gift. Well, it’s time to unwrap this gift, and the color indigo may just be the ticket.

    Encourage Deeper Awareness with Indigo

    One of the seven colors of the rainbow, Indigo can be thought of as that deep or midnight shade of blue that's found between blue and violet on the color spectrum. This deep and bright indigo color was derived from a plant, having earned its fame as a clothing dye in the English and French colonies.

    The color indigo is thought to encourage a deeper awareness of your surroundings and to unleash creativity and inner wisdom. The hue is also thought to promote extrasensory perceptions or your “sixth sense" - a theory that explains where that gut feeling originates.

    The color indigo encourages a deeper awareness of your surroundings, creativity, inner wisdom and the exertion of your intuition

    By incorporating indigo into your daily life, you can help strengthen and expand your inner voice. To get you started on this journey, try a few of the suggestions below:

    • Take time for solitude. Utilize aromatherapy mixed with indigo chakra oils. This will help you relax, open your mind, and even enhance your creativity. Your creativity tends to develop once you silence the noise of the outside world and listen to your innermost thoughts.

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    • Try a steam shower using chromasteam with indigo light to get your daily dose of color. Similar to indigo chakra oils, the light relaxes your mind and body so it’s stellar for mental and physical health. It can actually calm your nervous system, putting your mind at ease. Exposure to the colored illumination can also help rebalance your pituitary gland, sinuses and eyes.

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    • Perhaps the most obvious advice - wear indigo! Pull out your favorite pair of jeans or that old, tucked away denim jacket. Don’t have casual Fridays at work? You can adorn your home or office with indigo. Try a fresh coat of indigo paint, setting out flowers or decorating with throws.

    What would you add to these ideas for expanding your intuitive mind with indigo and steam? 

    Take a Listen to Your Intuition!

    Whether you call it a gut feeling, an inkling or simply your intuition, it may just be the door to heightening your happiness and creativity. The next time you are faced with a decision or a problem, take a listen to your intuition. You might find that it can be “more powerful than intellect” as Steve Jobs believed.

    What would you add to these ideas for channeling your intuition with indigo and steam?

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