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    What do Green, Steam and the New Year Have in Common?

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    As you enter into 2017, you may be making New Year’s resolutions to refocus yourself and strive for greater balance in your life. There are many ways to achieve this, but did you know that color is one of them? And that green specifically can help you achieve greater inner balance? Read on to learn more about this and the five Green Steam ChromaTherapy tips from MrSteam.

    Green: Growth, Balance, Life and Harmony

    You can mentally change your mood based on the colors with which you surround yourself, according to Leatrice Eiseman, author of Colors for your Every Mood. Modern-day scientists have taken an interest in the effects of color and conducted numerous studies on this topic. However, the theory of using stimuli to evoke a feeling or an action is not a new revelation. In fact, the concept has been around for quite some time, dating way back to Pavlov and his trusty dog.
    Green: Growth, Balance, Life and Harmony

    ChromaSteam®, MrSteam's system of combining light and steam, brings multiple different colors into your at-home steam shower. It offers 6 different colored lights; each to help enhance or alter your mood. This month, it is all about green

    Green is the color of nature, grass and the trees - all things that symbolize growth, balance, life and harmony. Colors can evoke specific feelings based on innate reactions, and green tends to evoke these feelings within us.

    Physically, green relaxes and soothes, even helping to alleviate feelings of nervousness, anxiety and depression.

    Physically, green relaxes and soothes; even helping to alleviate feelings of nervousness, anxiety and depression.

    Let’s circle back to that original question:

    What do green, steam and the new year have in common?

    They can all have a positive impact on your inner balance.

    Aside from the NYC ball drop, the confetti poppers and perhaps a special midnight kiss, celebrating the onset of the new year is about a clean slate. It is about turning over the proverbial new leaf and focusing on improvements we want to make in our lives.

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    Bring color into your personal spa experience with green ChromaSteam®.

    Whether you believe in the deeper spiritual meanings of color, agree with the researchers on its emotional effects or feel that color influences your emotions, incorporating color into our lives, particularly in those sanctuaries where we seek to renew and refresh ourselves, can deepen relaxation.

    Just as nature paints its beautiful spectrum of life, you too can bring color into your personal spa experience with green ChromaSteam®.

    Set aside some 'you' time to meditate or take a steam shower

    Five Green Steam ChromaTherapy Tips for the New Year

    Green color therapy can be a great enhancement to your 2017 resolutions, especially when combined with steam. Here are some tips as you begin to take on the new year:

    1. Set aside a little “you time” every morning to gather your thoughts. Take this time to exercise, meditate, take a steam shower or practice yoga before the day begins.

    2. Eat healthy. Incorporating more clean foods into your diet will not only give you the energy to get through the day, but you willl also feel better physically.

    3. Close the laptop. Do not let your technological world overtake your physical one. Take notice of the natural world around you.

    4. Relax. Achieving a work-life balance can be challenging, so remember to do at least one thing you enjoy everyday in order to re-focus yourself.

    5. Take a trip. Whether it is a short day trip or a luxurious vacation, exploring new places will give you a new perspective and a stronger connection to your environment. Travel is also an excellent opportunity to try out a steam room.

    Are you ready to incorporate green color therapy and steam into your New Year? 
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