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Top 3 Maintenance Tips for Your Steam Generator

Conducting routine maintenance of your steam shower helps prolong its life so that you can enjoy the health and wellness benefits of steam for years to come. Although owning your steam generator is generally a hands off endeavor, we all appreciate a little extra attention every now and then.  Here are our top three tips for maintaining your steam shower generator unit to keep it in tip-top shape. 

Top 3 Steam Shower Generator Maintenance Tips from MrSteam

A frequent question from MrSteam customers is how best to care for and maintain a steam shower generator. We always recommend the following.

Install an AutoFlush® system for clean, fresh water to your steam generator 1. Install an AutoFlush system

Flushing your home steam room generator after each use is the best means of ensuring years of trouble-free enjoyment.

If not routinely flushed from the generator, minerals in your water could turn into calcium and reduce performance. When they do, they form a barrier from the heat source so your generator needs to work harder (and draw more energy) to achieve the same temperature. 

Exclusively offered by MrSteam, the AutoFlush system automatically and electronically flushes the generator of mineral buildup two hours after every steam bath cycle. Think of it as a detox for your home steam generator after each and every shower.

Installing an AutoFlush system is simple, and it performs all the necessary cleaning for you. Once the AutoFlush valve opens, the water drains completely from the generator. 

The best part: having the AutoFlush hooked up to your steam bath system ensures clean, fresh water every time you turn on the controls.

>> Learn more about the MrSteam AutoFlush system

2. Add a water softener system to your home

Depending on where you live, hard water can be a serious problem.

Hard water refers to the concentration of mineral deposits in the incoming water. In practice, hard water leaves behind insoluble film of soap, causing your hair and skin to “squeak;” overly soft water leaves skin feeling “slippery” or the impression that you “can’t rinse the soap off.”  

The mineral deposits from hard water cause scale to accumulate over time, reducing the life of your steam bath generator. If you live in desert states such as New Mexico and Arizona, you likely have the hardest water and will need to be extra proactive in maintaining your generator.

>> Check out this map of water hardness in your area

As discussed, the AutoFlush system flushes out the steam generator water after each shower, helping to prevent mineral buildup. Installing a water softener can also help ensure mineral deposits won’t accumulate and inhibit performance. Both will work together to maximize the life of your steam shower system.

To speak with one of our SteamShower experts, click here.

3. Do a manual cleaning of your steam room generator every few years

MrSteam generators are built to last, requiring very little maintenance to keep you steaming soundly. To extend the life of your generator, you'll want to flush your generator regularly, if you don't have an AutoFlush, and address any hard water buildup on a regular schedule - about every 2 months if you have hard water and no water softening system. The manual drain valve should be opened fully to flush out accumulated materials, such as salts and other particles which are natural by-products of boiling water. 

A team of tech experts is on standby at MrSteam to assist you with any questions you may have during this process or to recommend a service provider in your area. 

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Following these three maintenance recommendations will help keep your steam generator functioning properly, so you can always count on having the freshest, cleanest steam showers whenever the mood strikes. 

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