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Top 5 Smart Bathroom Trends in 2021

From interior design trends to the latest innovations debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show, it’s clear that smart home products are here to stay – and gaining traction in the bathroom and wellness worlds. Some of these innovations are still more abstract for the everyday consumer, such as shower heads that fuse cleansing products with water, but these early stage developments suggest what we can look forward to in coming years. Whether conceptual or current, these five smart home trends represent elevated wellness routines and more convenient daily routines, and what we’re excited to see more of in 2021 bathroom design.

Ambient Lighting

From backlit mirrors and vanities to smart, color-changing bulbs, 2021 lighting is all about customization and ambience. No longer beholden to a single bulb color or brightness, interior designers and homeowners alike are interested in adding more decorative smart lighting to give interiors a greater sense of comfort and functionality. In the bathroom, this may include creating automatic settings and scenes, such as a dimmer, warmer light for wind down routines, or setting up motion sensors for convenience. MrSteam offers a ChromaTherapy system that integrates into the steam shower, offering an easy way to control shower light brightness and color. From energizing bright lights to calming blues, take your shower up a notch with smart lighting.


Steam Showers

Steam is an ancient wellness tradition, offering numerous health and wellness benefits. Give this age-old wisdom a high-tech upgrade in 2021 with the MrSteam iSteam3, the most technologically advanced steam shower control available with its accompanying SteamLinx App that enables Alexa voice control.
Housed in a sleek, slimline package, the iSteam3 mounts nearly flush on the wall of your shower. This control works with all E-Series Generators. Its expert design and engineering let you take advantage of all the potential wellness benefits of steam at home.


Smart Toilets and Bidets

2020 introduced the world to a lot of new things, but one of the more enjoyable may be the widespread adoption of smart toilets and bidet attachments into the American home. From remote to app-controlled, brands introduced a number of touchless options at CES that offer high tech hygiene and wellness – and even some that may be able to analyze human waste against health metrics. With heated seats and customizable water stream settings, it’s a wonder more people weren’t adding these high-tech luxuries into their bathrooms sooner.


Integrated Scents and Soaps

At CES 2021, companies introduced new ideas for technology that may change the way we shower. One concept combines shampoos and soaps into the water stream with pre-set amounts and the potential for a more even distribution. While it’s not meant for the residential shower yet, it represents the kind of innovation the industry will be investigating down the line.

Love the idea of product-integrating technology? One shower upgrade available on the market now is the aromatherapy addition from MrSteam, which offers the capability to infuse your bathroom with soothing scents from the shower to the towel warmer. The AromaSteam package integrates directly into the steam shower, effortlessly infusing delightful scents into each steam session. Simple in style and function, the towel warmer brings that extra burst of warming wellness to your everyday routines. MrSteam offers tech-forward towel warmers that offer an aromatherapy component for warm, scented and spa-like experiences every day.


Digital Water Monitoring

Companies are looking for ways to develop high tech solutions to old problems – and now solutions are popping up for one that causes a major headache: leaky pipes. Often not detectable until damage has been done, whether to your home or your water bills, app-connected digital devices can track water pressure, flow and temperature and send alerts if something is amiss.


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Ready to integrate more technology into your bathroom? Start with steam. Find a showroom dealer near you for sizing, pricing and the full product family of high-tech, high-comfort offerings from color-changing lights to aromatherapy.