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Transforming Residential Spaces into Spa-like Retreats Using Steam with Dan Brunn

Welcome to SteamStories! Join Martha "Mrs. Steam" Orellana and Dan "Dr. Feel Good" Reinert as they explore the benefits of steam and insights on health and wellbeing. With special guests and their 80+ combined years of experience, they'll share the feel-good way of life, discussing wellness design, bathroom remodels, and incorporating steam into your business or home.

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In our first podcast episode, we were thrilled to welcome Dan Brunn, a leading name in modern architecture, to discuss the integration of steam as a wellness component in architectural design. Brunn's firm, Dan Brunn Architecture (DBA), has been at the forefront of innovative commercial and residential projects since 2005, with a focus on designing spaces that inspire interaction with the environment. 

One key trend we explored was the transformation of residential spaces into spa-like retreats, with steam elements becoming a significant feature. Brunn exemplified this with the 'Bridge House', a marvel of modern architecture with its brook, bridge, and net-zero designs, highlighting the importance of the indoor/outdoor relationship in a steaming environment. 

Bridge House Bathroom

We also discussed the balance between form and function in creating a harmonious environment and the emphasis on experience over product visibility. To further captivate customers, Brunn recommended asking relevant inquiries and considering innovative materials for steam designs, such as floor-to-ceiling tiles, porcelain, natural stone, and insulated glass, especially when designing the ceiling - an often overlooked but critical component. 

In resort settings, Brunn suggested larger bathrooms and strategic steam shower placements, with considerations for lighting, shower enclosures, ventilation, and thermal performance of framed aluminum exclusion with glass and transoms.  

This is only just a bit of what we covered! Be sure to check out the full episode to learn more about designing with steam with Dan Brunn. 

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