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The Role of Steam May Help Relieve Colds and Illnesses

It's been hard to escape the raft of news about respiratory illnesses this season. Thankfully, this cold and flu season has not risen to pandemic-era levels. However, many have been on heightened alert, seeking flu shots, coronavirus boosters, and other ways to stave off respiratory illnesses. With supplies being short in some areas and research calling into question the efficacy of some longstanding salves, you may find yourself looking beyond the pharmacy.  

Surprisingly, one of the most effective preventative measures may be found in your own backyard. Well, not literally, but close enough. The understated steam shower is an excellent aid to your overall respiratory health and is easy to integrate into your normal routine. 

Benefits of Steam Showers for Cold Symptom Relief 

If you've started to feel a tickle in the back of your throat, a blanket of heat sweeping across your forehead, or a surge of mucus seeking release, you may be tempted to head straight to the medicine cabinet. And while your cold medicine of choice may do the trick and help you stave off those creeping symptoms, it may take some time.  

Depending on how vigorous the virus is, you may be at the beginning of a long recuperative stretch. It's best to approach an encroaching illness in several ways. If you're at home when your symptoms hit, your next step should be to head straight for the shower. 

Respiratory Relief 

A nice hot steam shower is one way that may accelerate the path to healing. Not only may the warmth of steam help you shake off the chills of the outside world. But steam showers may help your respiratory system feel some relief by moistening the airways. It may also help you reduce nasal congestion and promote easier breathing.   

Relaxation and Stress Reduction  

Not only do respiratory illnesses drain us physically. But when we find ourselves bed-ridden we may suffer a good deal of anxiety as well. Most of our obligations don't simply stop because we're sick. And when we're lying in bed for hours and days on end, our racing minds may make our anxiety about unfulfilled obligations even worse. For those who suffer from seasonal depression, the winter blues may amplify our illness-related anxieties and leave things feeling truly dark indeed. 

As much of a struggle as it may be, when we're sick, we must take proactive steps to relieve our stress. Stress may prolong illness, in addition to making us miserable. A steam shower may be just the right kind of self-care we need. The endorphin boost that may come with a hot shower may help improve our mood and elevate our energy levels, which may, in turn, boost our immune systems ability to fight our illness. 

Hydration for the Respiratory Tract  

Our respiratory illness may be fueled by the dryness of the air we breathe. We may escape cold, dry air outside. But if we have heating or insulation issues inside, we're continually taking in dry air and aggravating our respiratory system. And when we're sick, the last thing we want to do is DIY repairs or deal with a contractor. We can take stopgap measures to heat our homes. But to hydrate our systems, we can utilize the power of steam. A steam shower may provide the hydration our lungs need to reduce irritation and inflammation, while aiding in recovery. 

Enhanced Blood Circulation 

Steam showers may not only aid in hydrating our bodies and their respiratory system. But steam may also help enhance our blood circulation. While our circulatory system may not seem a focal point of our recovery, this system does, in fact, transport the oxygen and nutrients we need throughout our bodies. It also helps key elements from the medicines we imbibe travel where they need to go. And so our circulatory system is essential to ensuring our immune response is as strong to the viruses that ail us. The steam shower may help provide our respiratory, circulatory, and immune systems the boost they need to battle back during this cold and flu season. 

Staving Off Colds, Flus, and Other Seasonal Maladies With Steam

Whether you're trying to stave off getting sick or prevent a bad respiratory condition from getting worse, steam may provide many helpful therapeutic benefits. Steam showers may also be complemented with other holistic approaches, such as chromotherapy, music therapy, and aromatherapy, that may provide your respiratory and immune systems with just the boost you need to recover quickly. 

Moreover, when you add these holistic approaches to your steam shower, you may relax more easily and slough off the tension and stress that may be slowing your recovery. Even if you don't feel that anxious, you'd be surprised by just how much better you feel when you soak in some steam, breathe in some fragrant scents, and enjoy some relaxing music. Truly, a steam shower accented with holistic therapy may be just the respite you need to speed up the healing process. 

Of course, to take full advantage of steam's benefits may require you to enhance your shower setup. At MrSteam, we offer a full range of high quality shower options that may transform an every day practice into a daily delight. Better yet, the right steam shower may provide you with the stress relief you need, while potentially helping stave off your illness. 

Build a therapeutic refuge in your bathroom and wrap yourself in a soothing cocoon of stress with a beautiful new shower setup. Contact us at MrSteam to learn more. 

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