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Simple Hacks for Tricking Out Your Steam Shower

Bravissimo! You’ve already made the smart decision to install a residential steam shower. It’s a solid health and wellness investment—and ups your home’s value. But why stop there? We’ve found some unique features, little tricks, and steam shower accessories that boost your steam shower’s performance and enhance its functionality. They’re the little details that take a great steam shower into the realm of ultimate at-home luxury.  

The Plush Life

If you’re not familiar with the bathleisure trend, now is the time to get comfortable with it. Literally. 

Bathleisure is all about maximum comfort and relaxation, via soft surroundings. So raise your steam room game with stacks of fluffy towels, a plush bath mat, and an over-the-top terry robe. Extra points for slipping into pajamas made from silk, bamboo or uber-soft cotton after your steam bath.

A towel warmer provides a five-star resort feeling, providing a toasty towel or robe to slip into, post steam. Think curvy and classic; something like the Broadway Collection, or for contemporary décors, browse the sleek Metro Collection. Both, by the way, also feature built-in aromatherapy oil wells to add organic essential oil scents to linens and to the room’s overall ambiance.

For mind-body pampering, think “spa.” Or should we say, spa-ahh? Have a pretty carafe filled with chilled water and cucumber for post-steam hydration. Decant essentials like shampoo, conditioner and body wash into matching pump containers for a unified, elegant appearance inside the steam room. Now this is the life.

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Boost Performance

Some steam shower accessories aren’t quite as sexy as silk PJs, but they still add to the pleasure and ease of owning a steam shower. Here are three to consider:  

1)     For Convenience.

Ready to start your steam, but stuck in Friday afternoon traffic? Fire up the steam shower from anywhere using SteamLinx. Just tap on your smartphone or mobile device to start the steam shower, set the duration, and choose your perfect steam temperature.

2)     Even More Convenient.

“Alexa, ask MrSteam to start the steam bath” when SteamLinx is installed. Amazon Alexa (use the app and then go to Skills & Games to enable the MrSteam skill), lets you give your steam shower other voice commands, like “Alexa, ask MrSteam to stop the steam bath” or "Alexa, ask MrSteam to set the temperature to 110 degrees". You can also ask questions, like “Alexa, what temperature is the steam shower set to?”

3)     Clean Steam Every Time.

The steam generator is the key component of the steam shower system, so keep it pristine with an optional AutoFlush System. This automatic maintenance system drains the water from the generator after each use—removing any sediments that could hinder performance—and refills it with fresh water, ensuring a clean, no-fuss steam session, every time.

Enhanced Lighting  

When lighting the inside of the steam shower, look for the sweet spot: Bright enough to provide safety, but softly diffused enough to provide flattering illumination. A low-voltage recessed light that’s steam rated is ideal for humid, damp conditions like a steam shower and can even be made dimmable when using an ELV style dimmer.

Natural light is important too, which is why many high-end steam room designs incorporate windows, glass block walls, or even dramatic skylights. If you’re going to use windows in your at-home steam room design, just make sure they are fixed, double paned and double sealed. For information on how to brighten up a steam room enclosure, read “See the Light: How to Use Windows in Your Steam Shower Project.”

Steam Shower Therapies

What mood are you in right now? What mood do you want to be in? Because steam showers can be used in a variety of ways to boost emotional and physical wellness.

  • ChromaTherapy is a holistic treatment that taps into the human response to color. Picture bathing in color as green light surrounds you during a steam-room meditation session. Or using relaxing violet light to wind down before a night of restful sleep; sensual red for couple time; or zesty yellow to boost energy after a long flight. There’s even a Party Mode that cycles through all the colors. Hello, Saturday night!
  •  MusicTherapy allows steam shower users to create a personal soundscape for their “me time.” Whether you’ll soothe your soul with a guided meditation, bliss out to the sound of ocean waves, or pump up your favorite stadium rock is entirely up to you—but whatever sounds you choose, they will be crystal-clear in the steam shower via fully splash-proof, steam-rated, flush mount speakers and Bluetooth system connectivity.   
  • AromaSteam brings aromatherapy—the use of botanical scents—into your at-home steam shower. The system injects essential fragrances directly into the fluffy steam, surrounding bathers with scents like fragrant lavender, eucalyptus, evergreen or mint. You can also apply three or four drops of your favorite essential oil into the well on top of an Aroma Steamhead. Or steal a page from high-end spas, and incorporate essential oils that correspond to each of the body’s seven chakras.

Have a Seat

Steam showers are designed so that users can either sit or stand, but to really relax and unwind both muscles and mind, you will probably want to take a seat. (Sliding down the wall in utter bliss is of course optional.) Larger steam rooms have room for a long teak bench, or a built-in seat or lounger. For smaller steam room enclosures, maximize space and comfort with a wall-mounted teak seat that folds down for use, then pops back up to be out of the way.  

Relax and Enjoy

The upgrades discussed here will enhance your at-home spa experience—and add value to your investment. Want even more inspiring ideas and options? Check out these game-changers.

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