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MrSteam's T.J. Mullally Introduces Himself, Talks Steam Showers

Have you met MrSteam's T.J. Mullally? T.J. was recently appointed Southern Regional and E-Commerce Sales Manager at MrSteam. He brings a wealth of kitchen and bath industry experience, as well as motivational lessons learned from being a Staff Sergeant in the U.S Army. We recently chatted with T.J. to get to know him better, both as a person and professional.

Meet T.J. Mullally as he talks Steam Showers

MrSteam: T.J., tell us about yourself. Any unique facts?

TJ: I was born in Texas, and, despite having traveled to 49 out of 50 states (Alaska, I’m coming for you), The Lone Star State remains my favorite place to be. That said, I very much enjoy the cityscape of New York and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

Part of my traveling came from my six years in the U.S. Army, during which I was stationed in Germany. In the late 1990s, I was deployed as part of the peacekeeping mission in Kosovo after the Yugoslav Wars.

MrSteam: Can you describe your professional background?

TJ: I have been around the kitchen and bath industry since I was very young. My dad, uncles and cousins all worked in the industry, so I had early experiences driving a forklift, tracking inventory and making product displays. After my six years of service in the US Army, I came back to the kitchen and bath world.

Before joining MrSteam, I was Director of Business Development at PIRCH. In this role, I developed educational plans and conducted training at all nine locations. Traveling to the locations allowed me to work closely with the teams to analyze performance, train staff and identify opportunities that could help ensure our success. My role also allowed me to participate in showroom design, planning and merchandising of plumbing and hardware for new and exsisting showrooms.  

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MrSteam: What lessons from your days in the U.S. Army do you draw upon in your professional life?

T.J.: The number one lesson I learned was to either know the answer to a question before it’s asked or be confident that I knew where to find the answer. I believe that I was promoted faster than my peers because I always knew how to instill confidence in those around me. I have found this to be an indispensable trait in my professional life.

MrSteam: What attracted you to MrSteam?

T.J.: MrSteam’s products and rich history attracted me the most. I’ve personally been using steam in my home for more than three years. I travel often and find that steam does a great job of helping me eliminate the bodily toxins I accumulate, say, on a crowded airplane or in a convention center.

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Furthermore, there are not many companies with the nearly 100 year lineage like MrSteam. When you walk through the doors of our headquarters, the company’s vast history is very apparent.

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MrSteam: What do you like most about steam? 

T.J.: SteamTherapy has so many health and wellness benefits. Most importantly, for me, is seeing the positive impact steam has on my 11-year-old son’s allergies. He takes one or two steam baths per month in our steam shower and emerges with such relief from his bad seasonal allergies. That help it provides him makes all the difference in the world to me as a father.

MrSteam: Have you learned anything new that further reinforces your love for steam?

T.J.: I’ve enjoyed steam showers since before joining MrSteam, but, until now, I didn’t have a full appreciation for the in-home complete spa it allows you to create. The TALA skincare products, for example, transform a residential steam shower into a true spa experience. Exfoliating and moisturizing your skin without having to go to a day spa feels amazing!

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MrSteam: What do you do in your spare time? Does steam play a role?

T.J.: I love making furniture and have built everything from bedroom suites, to hardwood floors, to a house from the ground up. Of course, when you work around wood a lot, you can get sawdust in your skin pores and nasal cavities. A nice steam shower helps clear that out.

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MrSteam: What do you hope to accomplish in your new role?

T.J.: A chief goal of mine is to better educate the market about the benefits of steam. Only a portion of the public knows that you can have a steam room in your house, and my goal is to change this. I want everyone to know that this is not only possible, but also affordable.

MrSteam: Thank you, T.J.!

Let us know if you have questions for T.J. about steam showers.


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