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MrSteam's Sandra Pearce Shares Insights on Steam and its Benefits

Sandra Pearce, the newly-appointed Marketing Manager at MrSteam, is truly passionate about steam, its wide range of benefits, and the surprisingly affordable ways in which a steam shower can be incorporated into almost any bathroom. 

Sandra brings more than 25 years of sales and marketing experience to MrSteam, most recently as an independent Marketing and Business Development Consultant. Previously, she served as Marketing Director at Apex Energetics and Marketing Manager at MPA Media. In past roles working for leading brands in the health and wellness industry, she led marketing initiatives as well as designed and implemented strategies that helped develop and grow organizations. 

Guided by her background in customer engagement and inbound marketing campaign development, Sandra now oversees MrSteam’s content, production and distribution of all marketing and publicity materials. She will be creating a diverse suite of marketing tools, in addition to developing messaging and presentations for showrooms, with a focus on better communicating the benefits of steam and overcoming myths associated with home steam showers.

We caught up with Sandra to learn more about her background and perspective on steam and its many benefits.

Meet Sandra Pearce, MrSteam Marketing Manager

MrSteam: Sandy, welcome to MrSteam! What can you tell us about your professional background?

SP: There is something very fulfilling about marketing products and services that help people, are of the highest quality and are from companies with heart and integrity. I’ve spent much of my career doing just that. 

MrSteam: What attracted you to steam, and MrSteam in particular?

SP: MrSteam is a great company with a great reputation, exceptional quality products and terrific people, as well. And steam therapy is so beneficial. When given the opportunity to help raise awareness of the many positive aspects of steam I couldn’t resist. Joining the team was really a no-brainer. I’m very excited to be a part of this company.

MrSteam: In your first few weeks with MrSteam, what has surprised you most?

SP: The culture here is amazing.

To find a corporation that values people and longevity as much as MrSteam does is rare. I knew coming in that many people had been with the company for decades, but it was great getting here and learning why so many people stay for so long, often their entire careers.

So many people have been here for 10, 20, and 30 plus years. I spoke with one person with just over 2 years under his belt, and they still call him the new guy.

These days that is a rare occurrence and the culture, integrity and commitment to customers are obvious reasons for staff longevity.

MrSteam: Have you used steam? If so, what were your reactions?

SP: Like so many people, the steam room at my gym or the spa at a resort have been my only experiences with steam.

It wasn’t until I found MrSteam that I realized that I can create my very own home steam experience. Needless to say, steam will be a big part of my next bath remodel.

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MrSteam: What do you like most about steam?

SP: The wellness benefits of steam are numerous.

MrSteam: Do you have a favorite MrSteam product?

SP: The more I have learned about our products, the harder it is to choose a favorite.

For me there are two products that are particularly special:

Both are so unique and innovative, it’s no wonder they have both won design awards.

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MrSteam: What industry research have you conducted and what were some of your favorite findings?

SP: When you conduct research from a statistical and differentiation perspective you get a sense of where a company stands in an industry.

The most telling research I have done has been in the field, speaking with designers, talking to custom homebuilders, in the showrooms talking to the people that help customers create their perfect bathroom remodel.

Each and every professional has echoed the same things to me about the steam bath industry: MrSteam is their number one choice for many reasons - like innovation, fabulous design, unparalleled quality and reliability, and incredible service and support.  

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MrSteam: What issues are faced by dealers who sell steam and specifiers who propose steam?

SP: Dealers are faced with a lack of consumer awareness. Unlike other parts of the world where steam and its wellness and relaxation benefits are well known, in the U.S., and to some extent Canada, we have been missing out simply because we weren’t aware.

MrSteam: Why do homeowners want steam?

SP: Relaxation, wellness and personal luxury are all benefits of having steam in your home.

Often the first line of experience for consumers is at a spa, gym or resort. When they learn that they can have their own personal wellness retreat with MrSteam, a steam shower is then included when they remodel their bathrooms or build a new home.

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MrSteam: What do you do in your spare time?

SP: Like anyone else, I love spending time with my family and friends -- and my pets, of course! My pets are an adorable Lhasa Apso-Maltese mix named Abbey and a slightly overweight, happy house cat named Jake - whose only exercise is wrestling with his energy filled BFF Abbey.

MrSteam: Thank you, Sandy!

Let us know what questions you have for Sandy about steam and its benefits.

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