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MrSteam Helps You Get Into Shape in 2017

The new year is typically a time for resolutions – and one of the most common is getting into shape through diet and exercise. If you’ve made this same resolution for several years, yet always failed and gave up in the past, it may be time to change your approach. Read on to find how MrSteam can help!

Select Highly Specific Goals for Your Resolutions

Where “I’ll lose weight this year” might ultimately be the end result you want, such a vague resolution can set you up for failure. Change this by selecting highly specific goals, things that you can measure and track.

Think in terms of walking a mile or two a few days a week, or bringing a healthy snack to work instead of heading toward the vending machine. By committing to small changes that you can achieve, you’ll be able to keep them throughout the year, not just for a few weeks.

It’s important to recognize that making drastic changes all at once is a recipe for disaster – start with small, viable goals and then build.

Select Highly Specific Goals for Your Resolutions: walk a mile or two

Increase Blood Circulation, Boost Your Metabolism With a Daily Steam

And now for the good news: if you’re committed to making 2017 the year you accomplished healthy fitness, your MrSteam steam shower can play a fundamental role in your new health regime!

By increasing your blood circulation and boosting your metabolism, your daily steam already primes your body to shed those unwanted pounds. Personal Trainer Nick Casteel encourages his clients to make steam part of their exercise regime for just that reason.

Increase Blood Circulation, Boost Your Metabolism With a Daily Steam

Diet Alone Isn't Enough to Help You Lose Weight

It’s become common knowledge that diet alone isn’t enough to help you lose weight. Denying yourself food will only result in a slower metabolism and a body that thinks it has moved into starvation mode – and therefore will cling tenaciously onto every calorie you put into your mouth.

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Also, depriving yourself can lead to resentment and force you to abandon your resolution more quickly than focusing on healthy choices. And know that to effectively lose weight – and to keep it off once you succeed – exercise must play a critical role.

That thought can be daunting if you are one of the many people who hate to move. If your idea of a great evening is lying on the couch, watching TV or surfing the web with a bag of chips and a sugary drink, resolving to exercise several times a week may feel exhausting before you ever do anything!

Diet Alone Isn't Enough to Help You Lose Weight

Rejuvenate Tired Muscles With Steam

One way MrSteam helps is by rejuvenating tired muscles: those aches and pains that you will almost certainly experience if you haven’t exercised in awhile. By removing lactic acid from your overworked muscles, you’ll recover from muscle strain more quickly, allowing you to face that next workout without moaning and groaning!

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In addition, a steam shower can increase your muscular flexibility, which is great for stretching. If yoga or other types of stretching form a part of your new regime, you can expect to achieve more faster after a steam shower.

Rejuvenate Tired Muscles With Steam

Steam: a Natural Detox

Don’t disregard the idea of healthy eating, either. But if you do slip up, MrSteam is a natural detox, helping you rid your body of impurities. Remember that bag of chips? If you have overindulged on junk food, particularly salty snacks, a steam shower can help you remove excess sodium from your body.

Steam: a Natural Detox for salty junk food

Of course, it might be more helpful to focus on natural foods, such as whole grains, fruit, nuts, and vegetables.

And knowing what your “trigger” foods are – those foods that can tempt you to eat the whole bag, instead of just a handful – can be useful. Common dietary wisdom says not to avoid them altogether, but instead to eat them sparingly just a few times a month.

Knowing they aren’t entirely forbidden helps you avoid binging.

Jan-shutterstock_335916854 (650x434).jpg

And you can also find substitutes for the foods you love. Doing a search online will often give you great ideas of how to indulge that sweet or salty tooth without resorting to junk food – like this article from Shape Magazine: “Craving Something Salty? 20 Healthy Snacks Under 200 Calories.”

Reward Yourself With a Relaxing, Invigorating Steam Shower

And if your typical personal reward has always been a caloric treat, consider other ways to pamper yourself. Instead of heading for the refrigerator or the snack drawer as if you’re on auto-pilot, MrSteam helps you break that often ingrained habit by providing a healthier choice.

For example, if exercise comes hard to you, the thought of a relaxing, invigorating steam shower at the end of an exercise session can help get you through!

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Reward Yourself With a Relaxing, Invigorating Steam Shower

Make 2017 the Year You Stick to Your Healthy Resolutions With MrSteam

Yes, you can make 2017 the year you manage to stick to your healthy resolutions – with a little help from MrSteam! But you have to really take stock of what you can truly achieve, making sure you aren’t setting yourself up for failure.

Jotting down your health and wellness resolutions, and journaling about them daily can help. And giving yourself permission to pamper and care for yourself throughout the process will make it so much easier!

Make 2017 the Year You Stick to Your Healthy Resolutions With MrSteam

We at MrSteam wish you all a happy, healthy 2017 – and just know that this is the year you can Feel Good with SteamTherapy!

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