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MrSteam and the Smart Home

Connected to the world by devices we carry around in our pockets. That is the world many of us now live in. With our smart phones and tablets, we can hook into our homes through advanced automation systems and operate our home’s “intelligence” remotely. It’s definitely the age of the smart home!

The reasons to take advantage of this technology are undeniable. We can make our homes safer and more convenient, help the environment while saving money through reduced energy and upkeep costs, all while introducing an element of fun into our everyday lives. 

What is home automation, anyway?

Home automation or smart home technology means linking your home's devices, appliances, and systems through a common network that you can control remotely. Common applications of a smart home include your thermostat, lights, entertainment systems, security systems, locks, kitchen appliances and more. You can then remotely access these systems through an interface on a touch screen, either located in the house itself or on a mobile device. Having this type of seamless control from anywhere in the world allows you to turn off that light you left on, check in on your home while you’re sunning yourself on the beach, and save money on your energy bills while still returning home to a warm, well-lit home every evening.

Keeping your home energy efficient

Wouldn’t you like to save at least 10 percent off your heating and cooling bills? That’s the average savings according to home automation experts that you can expect when you automate your home. Think of all the things that you can adjust to be as efficient as possible:

  • Set the thermostat on a timer, or turn it off and on when you’re not at home. Never again have to wait for the thermostat to kick in and the house to warm up after you arrive home.
  • Use your appliances with the least amount of energy needed.
  • Ever see a sprinkler system still cycling during a sudden rain shower and thought about all that wasted water? Home automation means you can switch yours off even if you’re not at home.
  • Kids or your spouse always leaving those lights on? Turn lights off without having to go to every room of the house – and turn them on before you enter that dark space. You can control how bright or dim you’d like to keep any given room, too.

Keeping your home energy efficient with smart home automation

Keeping home costs down

A study done by the US Environmental Protection Agency reported that people who use smart home technology for thermostat control alone saved anywhere from 10-30 percent on their energy bill. By automating your house, you’ll discern an immediate difference on your utility bills.

Ever run home in the middle of the day because you suddenly realized you left the front door unlocked or suspect you left the oven on? There’s a cost associated with both the time lost and the gas expended to do so – all avoided when a simple click of your mobile device gives you total control.

In addition, you can increase the resale value of your house by installing these features. As noted above, these technologies not only help the environment, but the accumulated cost savings can help the automation system pay for itself in a relatively short period of time.

Keeping your home safe

One of the greatest benefits of a smart home is the peace of mind you gain, knowing your house is secure. A remote home security system allows you to check in on your house no matter where you are. With installed cameras, motion detectors and automated door locks, you will be notified the second a breach of any sort occurs. And if you inadvertently leave the door open, a simple tap of your device allows you to lock it without having to head home or rely on a neighbor.

Keeping your home safe with smart home automation

If you plan a trip and have asked your neighbor or friend to water the plants, feed and walk your pets, or bring in the mail, you no longer have to give them a key – with all the anxiety that can provoke. Instead, you can arrange to unlock the doors on a schedule or when they contact you to let you know they’re at your home’s entrance – and then secure it again after they’re done.

One of the greatest dangers to a home is the possibility of fire. Being able to monitor unexpected temperature changes and fire alarms again gives you the ability to act instantly, no matter where you are.

If your family includes children or older parents, you can monitor them throughout the day via your digital device. No more worries about latch-key kids not showing up on time, or a babysitter or nanny not following your instructions. And you can also keep an eye on an elderly person, who may be vulnerable to accidental falls or burning a pot of soup.


We’re all moving at light speed to get through our days, so anything that can make our lives easier is a great advantage. Home automation helps you by making minor tasks such as turning on the coffee maker or adjusting the thermostat much easier and more convenient.

Centralizing all of your home systems and appliances into a single interface makes it possible for you to control them all by the single swipe of a finger. You’ll also be able to tap into functions you may not even have known existed much more readily and with an smaller learning curve.

Getting personal with your smart home – and having fun

By increasing your home’s “intelligence,” you’re definitely saving money, becoming more efficient, and protecting your possessions and loved ones. But you’re also able to set your personal preferences, which can make a big difference in how you interact with your home.

We’ve all grown used to changing the channels on the TV using a remote control. Depending on the applications you install, you can have total control over more aspects of your home than you might have dreamed. And this includes your MrSteam steam shower.

HomeWizard and SteamLinx

Our HomeWizard™ lets you activate your steambath from almost any location, leveraging the advanced functions of an existing home automation system.  Want to turn on your steam shower to coincide with your arrival home from work or the gym? With HomeWizard, you can.

Our HomeWizard™ lets you activate your steambath from almost any location, leveraging the advanced functions of an existing home automation system

Installation of the Home Wizard Genie should be performed by a certified Home Automation Integrator in accordance with applicable national and local electrical codes. The integrator should follow the instructions in the HomeWizard Instruction manual, available for download here. Once installed and connected to the home automation system’s programming console, the steam generator will turn on when a signal is received from the Home Automation system. Steam’s ready when you are!

In addition, you can download the SteamLinx Mobile app from the iStore or PlayStore, and have seamless control of all essential steam room functionality using your smart phone or mobile device. All you need for this application is a home wi-fi system. This application ties in to all MrSteam controls, allowing you to set time and duration from anywhere within a range of sixty feet of the steam shower.

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The SteamLinx Mobile app offers seamless control of all essential steam room functionality using your smart phone or mobile device.

Both MrSteam mobile tools give you the same convenience and, yes, enjoyment of so many other smart home applications.  So if you already have a home automation system, or are considering all the reasons why you should install one, don’t forget to include MrSteam as part of the mix!

Steam Shower Checklist 

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