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The Magic of AirTempo™: The Industry’s First Remote Steam Control

Imagine this: as part of a major bathroom redesign, your plans include a long-dreamed-of steam shower. You are excited about what this will bring to you and your family in terms of health benefits and sheer rejuvenation. And believe us, after all the mess and dust and exposed plumbing pipes of the demolition, the delays and unexpected issues of the remodel, you’re ready for the relaxation and feeling of respite that brand new steam shower promises!

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The renovation is nearly complete, and your installer comes to you, steam control in hand. “Where do you want it? We need to decide while the walls are open.” they say.

You’re stumped. What would be best? Do you want it located on the back wall of the shower? The side wall? To the right of where you’ll be sitting or to the left? You simply don’t know. But there’s no room for error here – a conventional SteamShower control has to be connected to the generator by a cable, which means drilling a hole in the shower’s marble, tile, or granite wall to mount the control and route the cable.

The Industry's First Wireless Steam Shower Control

Now picture this. Your installer comes to you, AirTempo™ control in hand. “You don’t need to decide right away where to place it,” he tells you. “Once we install your tile and shower doors, we can attach the base of the control where you want it.”

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Sounds like magic, doesn’t it?  And in a way, it is. Because the award-winning AirTempo is the industry’s first wireless control for the home steam shower. And besides representing a huge savings in time and labor to installers, it combines the ease of a remote control with the ability to mount it on practically any bathroom surface, including – a breakthrough for any steam shower control – on a glass wall or window.

The AirTempo base is what attaches to the glass or wall, the control itself just slips right on or off so you can take it outside of the shower to use as a remote.

The AirTempo base is what attaches to the glass or wall.

The AirTempo control slips right on or off so you can use it as a remote steam control.The Magic of AirTempo 

Just how did the magicians at MrSteam make this miracle device happen?

The AirTempo control is powered by replaceable, long-lasting lithium batteries, which allows it to communicate wirelessly, without running a cable from the control to the generator. Communication is handled through a small, electronic receiver attached to the generator with a cord. The transmission range is 60 feet, which can be extended through the addition of a 30-foot cable.

Installation means simply deciding where to locate the AirTempo, which mounts in seconds with no tools required.

Contrast this with a typical steam shower installation. There, the installer must run wire from the generator behind the wall through a conduit to the control, all the while avoiding other wires and high-current devices. With AirTempo, you avoid all of that cutting and routing, as well as that nerve-racking decision of where to mount it – a decision that cannot easily be reconsidered once a hole is cut in the shower’s surface.

Installation means simply deciding where to locate the AirTempo, which mounts in seconds with no tools required. 

With the AirTempo, not only can you change your mind about where you are placing the control, but you can try it out on a variety of surfaces. And, as a significant added bonus, you can also use it as a remote.

A Steam Shower Ready at the Remote Touch of Your Finger

So once again, imagine this. You’re working out in your home gym, or finishing up that long, painstaking assignment, bent over the computer in your study. Or maybe you’ve just finished baking all of those cookies for the bake sale. You may be hot and sweaty, or simply drained and more than ready for that steam shower.

So, you reach for your AirTempo control, which is beside you on the kitchen counter, on your desk, or on your nightstand. With a touch of your finger, you select when you want the steam to start, your preferred temperature and duration. Or you might simply tap one of the two pre-set settings in a single flick of the finger. You can now stow away your gym equipment, save that file you were working on, or wash the dishes, knowing your steam shower will be ready as soon as you are.

Once you’re in your steam shower, you can start your AromaSteam fragrance and ChromaSteam lighting from the large, easy-to-read LED display, presented in a pleasant blue readout against your choice of white or black face.

A Steam Shower Ready at the Remote Touch of Your Finger

But wait. What happens if your phone rings and you suddenly have to take a call with someone who keeps you on the line for much longer than you’d like? Or if that call means you have to drop everything and rush out of the house? Won’t you be wasting water and energy on your pre-set steam shower?

Designed to Prevent Wasted Energy

Another magical feature of the AirTempo means that, no, you won’t – because the generator is designed to automatically shut down if the control is not returned to its dock within five minutes. So your unexpected, unavoidable delay won’t end up resulting in wasted energy.

The AirTempo is Designed to Prevent Wasted Energy

You can mount the AirTempo on the wall using a flush mount kit if you like. You can even install it outside the steam shower, but you will need to simply install a remote temperature sensor inside the shower enclosure for full functionality. The AirTempo control is highly sensitive to even slight changes of ambient temperature and its sensor technology and proprietary software regulates the steam for optimal steam-room temperature.

Design-wise, you can choose from the standard polished chrome trim, or opt for the designer finish that best suits your personal bathroom aesthetic, including polished nickel, brushed nickel, polished brass, brushed bronze, oil-rubbed bronze or even a custom-plated option.

With all of these features, functions, ease of use, and sleek, innovative design, is it any wonder that the AirTempo has been applauded by some of the industry’s most prestigious awards? These include the 2016 GOOD DESIGN Award, presented by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design, in cooperation with the European Centre of Architecture, Design and Urban Studies, as well as the Platinum Award for Design Excellence in the ADEX competition, sponsored by Design Journal magazine.

The Magic of AirTempo™ - the Industry’s First Remote Steam Control

There is no question that the AirTempo is sheer magic when it comes to steam shower controls. Can’t you just imagine all the places you could install it?

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