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How to Design a Steam Shower in 5 Minutes or Less

If we've learned anything in the past two years, it's that our health and wellbeing are gifts that should be nurtured and protected. Spending time in our homes has become a multipurpose experience: school, work, play, and relaxation. The relaxation part can be difficult when you've stayed in the same place all day, walking from desk to bed or room to room to switch virtual hats. We all need a sanctuary to help us take a breath and transition to a calmer, more relaxed state. 

Before you ask how you could add the long, complex task of designing your home spa on top of all your other responsibilities, you should know that Mr. Steam makes it possible to create a plan for the steam shower of your dreams in 5 minutes or less. VirtualSpa is a steam bath configurator that makes it easy to specify everything you want in a steam shower system.  

Steam showers also add to the value of your home, resulting in a  30% increase in sales price. It is a high-end feature that only you and Mr. Steam will know took you mere minutes to design. You can be on your way to a better quality of life and a significant return on investment by simply following the steam shower configurator prompts. A few short minutes could turn into years of enhanced health and wellbeing. 

The VirtualSpa Steam Shower Configurator: 5 Simple Steps to Your Steam Shower 

Minute 1: Enter Dimensions and Choose Materials  

First, you'll enter the desired length, width, and height of your or your client's dream steam shower. Once the dimensions are established, it's time to enter the material you’ll use on your ceiling and walls. Choices include natural stone, ceramic, porcelain, glass tile, acrylic, fiberglass, or composite. 

The configurator computes the appropriate steam generator from the materials and dimensions specified. The tool simplifies planning by showing you pricing as you choose your custom selections. That feature can help guide both homeowners and contractors trying to adhere to a budget by showing you the impact of different options. You can also choose to visually preview your selections based on your choices as you go.  

Minute 2: Select Steam Shower Control  

Now it is time to choose your steam shower control. By selecting one, the associated packages are auto-generated. You’ll be able to choose designer finishes, shapes, and steam head. These options ensure you get the experience and aesthetics you desire.  

Minute 3: Choose Your Package, Therapies, and Accessories  

This step is where your ideal spa experience takes shape. Your options include accessories and spa therapies that engage all your senses. Choices include audio chroma lighting and aroma therapy systems. Even a fold down seat is available to ensure complete comfort and relaxation.   

After your enveloping steam experience, ease back into the outside world with a fluffy, warm towel. Towel warmers have been a common feature in other countries for years. However, in the U.S., it is something you usually only experience in high-end spas. With Mr. Steam, you can have the beauty, sensory experience, and luxury of a spa right in your own home. 

Minute 4: Review Your Package  

Your custom steam shower system with all of your choices is presented at the end with a full summary. It includes all the specs, part numbers, and pricing so you can plan the next step.  

Minute 5: Share It with Your Contractor or Designer!  

The final step is handing your fully designed steam shower system specifications to your contractor, designer or showroom sales associate after only five minutes or less! 

The VirtualSpa Steam Shower Configurator Puts You in the Designer Seat 

Mr. Steam's VirtualSpa takes the guesswork out of specifying your home steam shower. You don't have to be an engineer, designer, or contractor to get the steam shower of your dreams. By following a few simple prompts, you get a complete summary, including specifications, pricing, and part numbers - everything you need to get started building your steam shower. Learn more about our offerings and discover the advantages and benefits of steam by visiting our site. 


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