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How to Design a Refined, Minimalist Bathroom

In a trend that the New York Times dubs “The Unbearable Heaviness of Clutter,” multiple scientific studies have shown a relationship between stress and too much stuff. It’s perhaps that realization that clutter and chaos often come as a pair that has many turning to a more minimalist lifestyle at home, from employing methodical organization services to purging of all that does not “spark joy,” as the best-selling KonMari method describes it.

From an interior design perspective, minimalism is more than just paring down the physical items owned. It also seeks to reduce nonfunctional visual noise, favoring clean lines and muted colors over the ornate or flashy, keeping only the bare essentials to achieve beauty and functionality. That simple and spare design offers a calming respite from an increasingly busy life, making it a timeless interior aesthetic. Interested in creating your own minimalist bathroom retreat? Get started with these tips.


Draw from a simple color palette.

Distinct from the high contrast or bold colors of more maximalist looks, many modern takes on minimalism will make spare use of bright color. But don’t feel pressured into an ascetic palette. Find balance by drawing on lighter hues, such as a blush pink, to seamlessly complement neutral colors and natural materials. Adding an interesting, subtle accent color projects warmth throughout the room while maintaining the quiet intentionality of a minimalist philosophy.


Enrich the space with texture.

Part of the underlying appeal for many minimalist designs is a pared down connection to nature through organic textures. This materiality can be achieved through wood accents or the use of natural stone. It can also be implemented more subtly, such as using decorative wall coverings that recall the soft pink clouds of a sunrise or carrying through minimalist principles to serene floral arrangements that rely on the shape, line and form of a few branches to bring in organic design moments to the bathroom.


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Install multifunctional amenities.

In a society that never stops innovating, it can be easy to end up with a multitude of single-purpose wellness tools: different shower heads, an aromatic diffuser, portable shower speaker, various light switches and lamps, a home sauna and the list could go on, creating the potential for clutter in the process. For a more minimalist take on wellness, consider ways to streamline and combine your tools. For example, the MrSteam iSteam3 can control a variety of built-in, stylish accessories such as color-changing chromatic lights, aromatherapy, music and, of course, a steam shower, all from one sleek control panel rather than having separate switches and remotes for each.


Aim for clean lines.

Rather than many separate pieces, seek out ways to bring in strong, clean lines throughout the design to create a more tranquil space. For example, the shower offers many opportunities for this effect, such as incorporating a built-in bench finished in the same tile as the floor. Additionally, rather than protruding shelves or hanging baskets for toiletries, consider a recessed niche for a more seamless look. Complete the look with light, airy frameless glass doors that help open up the room in a simple, beautiful way.


Choose sculptural, high-design fixtures.

The general theme of minimalist design is that less is more, but that doesn’t mean sacrificing your “wow-factor.” Choose pieces that embody modern traits such as a standalone tub or architectural light pendants, to amplify the clean lines and simple colors of your minimalist space. Enhanced by a few sculptural fixtures, the minimalist design is not only tranquil but also inspiring.


Whether you’re embarking on a total remodel or just sprucing up an existing design, minimalism best practices can help you achieve a beautiful, simple and functional space that is always on trend.

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