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How to Customize the iSteam Control For Your Home Steam Shower

The only thing better than a home steam shower is a home steam shower that features iSteam 2.0 with WiFi.  

iSteam 2.0 is the beautifully designed swipe-touch steam shower control that puts all the feel-good features of your home steam shower literally at your fingertips.

The intuitive design makes it easy to set preferences without lengthy manuals or operator’s guides. Take a look at this short 2:25 minute video to see how to set up iSteam 2.0 to control steam shower session timing, preferred temperature and favorite chromatherapy, aromatherapy and music settings:

MrSteam How to: iSteam Setup from Mr.Steam on Vimeo.

iSteam 2.0 is a Work of Art!

The iSteam 2.0 control is truly a work of art unto itself. The back of the device features the signature of its creator, world-renowned industrial designer David Farrage, whose résumé also includes work with Movado and Lamborghini.

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Now With WiFi

Sitting nearly flush with the wall, iSteam 2.0 effortlessly blends into the shower walls and delivers the flawless performance homeowners and design professionals have come to expect from Mr.Steam.

But the true art of this revolutionary interface comes from the simplicity of the control itself. As easy to use as a smart phone, the iSteam 2.0 will have you asking, “why doesn’t everyone do it this way?”

The iSteam 2.0 masterfully guides users in the operation of their steam shower with both style and simplicity. From the single, beckoning start icon, the user is gently led in their journey to indulgence through intuitively designed graphic displays that easily customize every element of the steam experience.

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With iSteam 2.0, shower features such as temperature, duration, aromatherapy, chromatherapy and music are all hidden until called upon. As each feature is accessed, users adjust personalization settings simply by swiping to the desired level.

Beyond the intuitive controls, iSteam 2.0 “remembers” personalized settings for two users to deliver instant access to their ideal settings. One tap and the personalized settings are instantly saved. You can even pre-program the start time for an invigorating wake-up steam or a calming evening steam ritual. 

It’s brilliantly simple. 

Set Up Your Steam Shower Experience Remotely With The iGenie!

Homeowners can schedule their experience remotely with the iGenie – an elegantly hand-held optional wireless controller that remotely preheats the steam shower from up to 100 feet away. It just couldn’t get any easier.

Aren't your fingertips itching to put the Mr.Steam iSteam Controller through its paces? It's time to experience the new high- tech route to feeling good!

Learn more about steam as well as the revolutionary iSteam 2.0 with WiFi controller.  


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