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How to Create a Luxury at Home Spa Experience

It is a stressful world, and daily reminders are all around us. It can be difficult to maintain your Zen when chaos abounds. When the world is weighing heavy on your shoulders, you need a safe space to land.  

Self-care is a topic you likely see mentioned more now than ever before. There's a good reason for that. We tend to forget that we must take care of ourselves so we are better equipped to care for all those around us. Just like the emergency instructions on an airplane, you should put your mask on first when they drop so you can help the ones next to you. 

It isn't always easy to remember to take care of ourselves, so the daily grind can leave us fantasizing about having a luxurious day at the spa where we are the ones getting pampered. After all, one of the first things you do at the spa is steam to relax the mind and body and prepare for treatments. You may be surprised that having a luxurious spa day is easier than you think.   

What if we told you that you could have this experience at home? Imagine having your home spa shower available anytime you want it - no waiting, no strangers, no travel. For only a fraction more than a traditional shower, you can have your own private luxury spa experience in your bathroom.  


It All Begins With Steam  

You may be thinking, "I'd love to install a steam shower, but I don't want to remodel right now." Fortunately, you can customize a home steam shower to create a sanctuary in your existing shower space without needing a full remodel-unless you're into that! If you are craving a new look in your bathroom, there are many options you can choose to match other upgrades you want to make. If not, no problem: just select the options that compliment your existing decor. 

Steam provides numerous wellness benefits. The combination of gentle heat and humidity may boost cardiovascular health by improving circulation and lowering blood pressure. Steam can reduce stress and create a feeling of wellbeing that results from a reduction in the production of cortisol, our stress hormone. Numerous other potential benefits may include: 

  • Clears congestion from allergies or infection 
  • Eases breathing  
  • Opens pores to help keep skin healthy 
  • Minimizes joint stiffness and muscle pain 
  • Encourages the production of leukocytes, the cells that fight infection, for a healthy immune system 

Elevate Your Experience With Aromatherapy 

Scent can profoundly affect our memories, emotions, and mood. It works by stimulating the olfactory nerves, which send messages to the amygdala, or the brain's emotional center. AromaTherapy with essential oils has been used for centuries as a health and wellness treatment. When used in conjunction with steam, it can boost your mood, calm the mind, and promote feelings of relaxation and wellbeing. 

MrSteam offers steamheads that incorporate AromaTherapy directly into the steam shower. You can also make your luxurious home spa experience more sumptuous and effective by adding other beneficial techniques, such as music and ChromaTherapy. Music has the power to calm or energize, depending on the effect you seek. ChromaTherapy, or the use of color, is used every day to affect moods in everything from fast food restaurants where bright, energizing colors like reds, oranges, and yellows encourage turnover to cool, calming blues, greens, or grays in environments like spas or doctors' offices where peace and serenity are encouraged.  

Hydration Is Key 

Steam is essential to a healthy lifestyle, as it can help you detox. Anytime is a perfect time for steam. A 20-minute steam session can increase circulation to the skin, open the pores, and encourage sweating, which can flush out toxins. One study even shows that heavy metals can be eliminated with steam.  

Our bodies depend on water. After all, the average human is made of 60% water. After your steam session, drink water to continue flushing toxins and rehydrate. To elevate your spa experience, try making your own infused water using your favorite herbs, fruits, and vegetables, like cucumbers, lemons, berries, mint, basil, thyme, or rosemary, and have it ready for your post-shower recovery. 

Incorporate Wellness Into Your Daily Routine With a Home Spa Shower 

Steam showers are not just a luxury only within reach of the most affluent. They are instead a luxurious necessity available to anyone that can help combat environmental and internal stressors. Steam is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. And you can create your own spa sanctuary in the comfort of your home without subjecting yourself to a complete remodel. 

How to Build a High-Tech, High-Comfort Bathroom

Steam showers provide numerous benefits. When combined with complementary treatments like AromaTherapy, ChromaTherapy, and MusicTherapy, your steam experience can incorporate all your senses. Imagine walking into your own bathroom to indulge in a decadent, relaxing steam shower while the scents, sounds, and colors envelop you in sensory bliss. Having your own spa experience is within your reach, no matter how small or large your bathroom, whether as part of a new build, remodel, or existing shower space.  

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