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How To Build a Home Steam Shower: Professional Edition

As a home builder, you're already aware that bathroom installations are trending larger, more luxurious, and more spa-like than ever. Eco-friendly steam showers are rapidly replacing traditional and large jacuzzi tubs that guzzle 75 gallons at a time, whereas the typical 20-minute steam shower consumes only two gallons and costs just pennies to run. They truly improve the value of a home.

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Combine that with the growing focus on health and wellness, particularly among affluent homeowners, and a home steam shower unit becomes a no-brainer. Home buyers are becoming increasingly interested in at-home options that promote well-being and provide a retreat from the stresses of everyday life. They want more than just a bathroom. 

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What builders need to know about steam shower installations

As experienced professional Patti Johnson explains in What do Builders Need to Know About Steam Shower Installations?:

"Builders need to know that space for the components needs to be planned and budgeted for beforehand. It can decrease the overall size of the finished shower if not planned for in advance. Builders need to have all the specs in hand prior to any framing. 

Builders also need to convey to homeowners that much of the extra expense is the quality of these beautiful new fixtures and the extra workings. This includes labor, materials and expertise behind the walls used to create the beautiful shower experience that are not seen in other homes. Any lack of planning can lead to costly overruns." 

MrSteam's Martha Orellana says: 

"For steam showers, builders will need a 240v. electrical connection with a dedicated circuit breaker. The ceiling and walls in the shower should be water- and vapor-proof. The steam shower requires a water-tight door. The client can use a soffit above a regular size door if they don’t want to have a floor to ceiling door. The shower can be constructed of natural stone, ceramic, porcelain, or glass tile.

Resources For Builders Installing Steam Showers

If you're looking for even more resources, here are a few that MrSteam has developed that are relevant to builders focused on steam shower installations:

The MrSteam Steam Shower Checklist Home Building: Professional Edition provides guidance to builders on what to be aware of when planning for a steam shower installation. Inside, you'll find useful tips, best practices, and helpful references so you know how to successfully build and install a steam shower.

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