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How to Add Value to Your Hotel, Retreat Space, or Day Spa with SteamShowers

How do you make your hotel, resort, or day spa guests happy – and thereby ensure that they will become recurring guests, rate you highly in online reviews, and recommend that their friends and family visit you? How about anticipating their needs and creating unforgettable experiences for them?

After all, according to “Hotel Customer Service: How to Create a Memorable Experience,” customer reviews play a deciding role when travelers book a hotel, 19% of satisfied guests return within a year, and a mere 5% customer retention rate can increase profits by 25-95%.  Naturally, the same may hold true in resorts or day spas. And the way to improve both ratings and retention is to create personal, memorable experiential packages for your guests – which can include steam bathing from a commercial steam shower.

Research shows that experiences - rather than deals or discounts - make happier memories for your guests. “How to Make Your Guests Happy” describes how experiences resonate and stay with you longer than mere physical items, while “12 Ways to Surprise and Delight Your Guests” notes that anticipating your guests’ needs goes a long way in building repeat business.

But how does a simple steam shower do this? Consider the guest who returns from a long hike in the scenic beauty of a nearby nature preserve or from a long day sightseeing in the city – hot, sweaty, muscles aching. Or the spa guest who has undergone a beauty treatment or an intense exercise routine. The pleasure and revitalizing, health-restoring qualities of a steam shower, whether in a public setting or in the privacy of your guest’s room, is a distinct, personal experience not soon forgotten by your patrons.

For, after all, steam bathing provides a multitude of health and wellness benefits. We encourage every hotelier, spa and resort manager to include our Benefits of Steam Bathing in their basic information package – which will educate your guests on the various ways that their steam shower can enhance respiratory health, skin care, physical wellness, well-being and holistic health. And be sure to point out that the steam shower is also the ideal environment to remove wrinkles from travel clothing – a feature so many hotel visitors will appreciate!

Depending on how you implement your offering of MrSteam’s steam showers, they can even influence your bottom line. Your customers may be willing to pay extra for this premium amenity, especially if you include it as a room upgrade. For day spas, this might be regarded as an add-on service to your selection of beauty and wellness treatments, the ideal way to round off a half- or full-day of personal luxury. And for retreats, where your guests want to unwind and get away from the pressures of ordinary life, a steam shower can provide the perfect environment to complement their escape from stress.

As someone working in the hospitality or spa industry, your patrons are the cornerstone of your business. You want to make sure they are delighted by the features of your hotel, spa, or resort, will return when they have the opportunity, and will speak highly of you on reviews and in person. By incorporating the health and wellness aspects of a steam shower into your venue, you can anticipate needs your guests may not even know they have, while providing them with an experience that they won’t soon forget.

Our commercial steam shower team can advise you on the best way to include steam showers in your hotel, day spa or resort. See our Contact Us page to initiate a discussion that is certain to bring tremendous and lasting satisfaction to both you and your customers!


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